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The Best Star Wars Posters From Around The World

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With a 40-year legacy under its belt, the Star Wars franchise boasts a near limitless cache of collectibles and merchandise. Among the most valuable and obscure pieces are Star Wars posters from around the world, each a unique depiction of what has become a universally-known story. International Star Wars posters from the original trilogy illustrate the global wonder and awe George Lucas and co. inspired, with some countries creating more than one Star Wars poster to convey the franchise's immense popularity. Star Wars posters from Europe and Asia capture the films' plot points and characters in classic, retro designs that you rarely see on a film poster anymore.

Often grainy and busy, rare Star Wars posters feature characters and scenarios considered unusual on a standard poster. C3PO in front of Leia, Luke, and Han? Alright, Poland. But among these fascinating international posters, Russian Star Wars posters might be the most strange given the fact that the series was banned while the USSR still stood. More than just collector's items, obscure Star Wars posters provide a glimpse into the past using pop culture as a lens. If that sounds geeky, well, it is.

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    'The Empire Strikes Back,' Japan

    Photo: Noriyoshi Ohrai / Lucas Film/Disney
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    The Very First 'Star Wars' Poster

    Photo: Brothers Hildebrant / Lucas Film/Disney
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    'The Empire Strikes Back,' Turkey

    Photo: Lucas Film/Disney
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    'The Empire Strikes Back,' France

    Photo: Lucas Film/Disney
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