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13 Important Questions Posed By The Internet That Need Answers

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The Internet has the ability to answer almost every question we have, except for the most important ones. Over the years, people on the Internet have asked some of life's most staggering questions that need answers. Funny things to think about that we never thought to think about until now. It's okay to accept the fact that we'll never truly know where we came from or the meaning of life, but in the meantime, we should all make a concerted effort to answer these vital Internet questions.

It's time to stop believing all of the silly things you thought were true as a kid, and start using some good, old-fashioned Internet logic to answer questions most people probably can't solve. For example: what is the Internet?

Does anybody really have an answer to that one? Exactly.

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    Sixth Scents

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    Brain Food

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    Ya'll Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind!

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    A Moment Of Paws

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