The Internet Is Roasting #Facebookdating, But It's Going To Happen Anyway  

Jacob Shelton
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At Facebook’s developer conference, F8, Mark Zuckerberg and his team announced a lot of new features for the social media site that may or may not be taking over the world. The 2018 rollout included a function that would allow users to clear their history, a VR experience, and a dating app. After the announcement of Facebook dating, Twitter users immediately started roasting the idea. As you might imagine, the reactions to Facebook dating were absolutely savage: after all, a site that had just been outed as having a major data privacy issue is now deciding to pair up people using, well, their private information.

There are a lot of weird dating sites out there, but now that Facebook has thrown its hat into the online dating ring, the internet hasn’t held back in its opinions. Time will tell, however, if the same people who are making fun of the concept now will use the service for themselves in the future.

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