The Top 50 Internet Reactions to Osama bin Laden's Death

Barack Obama hunting down, actually finding, and then killing Osama bin Laden spurred more knee-jerk internet reactions of people thinking they'd thought of something original since Balloon Boy was in the air. So, amidst a sea of poorly executed Waldo jokes and some really truly, horrible, hate-filled Facebook statuses, here are the fifty funniest reactions the internet had to offer about Obsama bin Laden's death (that didn't involve college students getting drunk by the hundreds to celebrate an assassination.) Only ten years later. NOTE: List is 2 pages long (there's too much great stuff not to keep adding to this thing).

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  • This easily earns the top spot. You've really gotta hand it to Fox News. In a sea of quasi-understandable typos, these guys actually said it. "President Obama is dead."