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Jacob Shelton
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Oh no why didn’t anyone tell us that Super Bowl 50 was happening? Luckily the folks on Twitter are here to make sure that no one misses a moment of the game. From the opening interceptions, to Beyonce transitioning to her new role as lead singer of Coldplay, to that very sad missed field goal kick, Twitter had those of us who weren’t able to catch the biggest game of the year covered.

As with most things that happen in the 21st century, literally everyone had an opinion (yes, even Donald Trump). Even if the Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year, that doesn’t mean that it has to be exciting (although that helps when you don’t love sports), thankfully Twitter was there to take the game to the next level for everyone at home that was considering whether or not to go to bed early with bellies full of queso and pizza. Here’s how the Internet reacted to Super Bowl 50.

According to everyone who tweeted about the 2016 Super Bowl, the game was a pretty big snooze. But thankfully the commercials were rad, and Beyonce was there to at least make sure the world enjoyed five minutes of the broadcast. It’s fair to say that when the dust settled on Super Bowl 2016, football fans were underwhelmed, but at least everyone checking Twitter had fun. Vote on the tweets that summed up and improved Super Bowl 2016 the most, and feel free to tell us what you thought about the game in the comments.
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