Memes The Best Internet Reactions to Time's Breastfeeding Cover  

Walter Graves
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For the May 21, 2012, "Mother's Day" edition of Time Magazine, the editors selected a controversial cover photo featuring a woman named Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her 3 year old son. The story accompanying the photo follows the work of Dr. Jim Sears, whose book "The Baby Book" is largely credited with inspiring the "attachment parenting" movement. Attachment parenting advocates that mothers "wear" their babies, breastfeed and sleep with their children to an older age than is traditionally advocated. The magazine includes photos of mothers breastfeeding their children up to age 5. (Not featured in the story is actress Mayim Bialik, whose public discussions of attachment parenting also helped popularize the movement.)

Naturally, the photo kicked off a lot of joking and discussion on social networks and around the Web, largely focused on the intentionally provocative nature of the image. Many also predicted a tough road ahead for the nearly 4-year-old boy whose face will now be synonymous with late breastfeeding. What follows are the funniest Internet reactions to the Time Magazine cover.

The Actual Cover


The Breastfeading Too Hard Tumblr

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Here are some great examples of people recreating the Time Magazine cover that can be found this tumblr.


Paul F. Tompkins


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