Winter The Internet Reacts to the Polar Vortex  

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The Polar Vortex: if you live anywhere east of Seattle and/or outside of Southern California, you are SOL (Snow Out of Luck) on the weather front this January. In fact, you may not even be able to read this paragraph, what with the eight scarves you're peeking through to see your screen. One thing's for sure: you're probably stuck inside with nothing better to do than search the Internet for anything labeled #PolarVortex so you can see if other people are possibly more miserable than you are.

If you're unlucky enough to be stuck in sub-zero temperatures, you know this Polar Vortex situation is no joke (except for all the people making Polar Vortex jokes). From reporters outfitting themselves with battery-powered heated insoles to shooting boiling water from a squirt gun to make snow, there are plenty of ways people are adapting to the challenges posed by the "Polar Vortex," and you'll find the best of them on this reactions to the Polar Vortex list.

Funniest reactions to the Polar Vortex include observations by late night hosts, radical weather experiments, extreme sports, and memes; glorious (sometimes unnecessary) Polar Vortex memes. Make sure to vote for your favorite PolarVortex Internet reactions, and take care to stay warm (unless you're in Southern CA, in which case "just existing" will suffice).