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15 Intimidating Anime Women Who Kind Of Scare Us A Lot

Some anime women are cute and friendly - but some of them are just the opposite. For this list, we're paying tribute to some of the most intimidating anime women out there. Some intimidate by raw power, while others use their personalities - most use a combination of the two. 

From villainous terrors like Big Mom from One Piece and Medusa from Soul Eater to heroes that strike fear into the hearts of their enemies like Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho and Olivier Mira Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, there are tons of badass anime ladies who get their enemies quaking with fear. Let's celebrate them...from afar.

  • As the commanding officer in charge of Fort Briggs and one of the children of the illustrious Armstrong family, Olivier Mira Armstrong has to be tough as nails. She expects those working under her to put in their best work at all times, and won't accept anything less. Due a combination of fear and respect, her subordinates know better than to disobey her.

    She holds herself to equally high standards and engages in rigorous training to make sure that she's tough enough to take on any opponent - even her brawny little brother Alex. 

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    Esdeath is a strong believer in the philosophy that "The strong survive and the weak die." This means that she has no problem whatsoever causing her enemies agonizing pain. In her eyes, if they can't handle it, they deserve it for being weak. Besides, she loves making people suffer - her dominatrix outfit isn't just for show. Sure, she's capable of respecting her subordinates and even feelings genuine love for Tatsumi, but that doesn't mean she's not flat-out petrifying. 

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  • It's a good thing that Erza Scarlet is a member of the Fairy Tail guild because, without her, they'd be screwed. She's a badass S-Class Mage whose abilities range from telekinesis and archery to the ability to "requip" a massive range of weapons. While she can certainly be friendly when she wants to be, she's not afraid to let people know when they've disappointed her. Her personality is every bit as sharp as her fighting skills. 

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    Lucy - 'Elfen Lied'

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    Lucy is a Diclonius - that is, a human-adjacent being with extraordinary physical and psychic powers. Her most noteworthy ability is her vectors, which are essentially extra arms that can wreak havoc on those around her. Thanks to a combination of severe childhood trauma and the "Diclonius DNA Voice" that prompts her towards violence, she can be indiscriminately violent towards even the people she loves. This makes her terrifying. 

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