Who Is Banksy? These 8 Intriguing Theories Might Point To His Identity

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Perhaps the most famous street artist in the world, the mysterious Banksy has managed to thus far elude the hunt for his real identity. Still, his twenty years in the spotlight have often yielded more focus on his name than his incredible artwork. So just who is Banksy?

The Internet is awash with theories about who Banksy is. Some theorize that Banksy is actually a former British schoolboy-turned-underground artist, while others think that Robert Del Naja of trip-hop group Massive Attack is behind the elusive art. Or perhaps Banksy is actually a woman, not a man at all. Then again, maybe "Banksy" is just another name used by an already famous artist.

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    Banksy Is A Middle-Class British Guy Named Robin Cunningham

    The most popular theory about the man behind Banksy's facade is that he's actually Robin Gunningham, your Average Joe Brit from Bristol. Investigators used tactics most often utilized in hunting serial killers to identify Robin, who is a pretty regular guy. In 2008, the Daily Mail concluded that Banksy was Gunningham, who a former classmate at an expensive private school said was really good at art.

    What evidence exists in this theory's favor? Some of Banksy's earliest works appeared near where Gunningham lived as a young man, and the roommate he lived with in his 20s later worked closely with Banksy. And a lot of people he hung out with at the local pub knew him as "Robin Banks"... or, "Banksy."

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    Banksy Is A Big Group Of Artists

    An HBO documentary about Banksy suggests that the artist isn't an individual, but "he" is actually an artist collective that works together. The documentary showed the massive amount of work that goes into a Banksy piece - not just making the individual piece, but scouting locations, providing security, and helping keep everything under wraps. Artist Chris Healey posits that Banksy is "a woman who leads of team of seven people," and, although he refuses to name his source, he insists it's reliable.

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    Banksy Is A Member of a British Trip-Hop Group

    For many years, works of art by Banksy have popped up near venues where trip-hop group Massive Attack played gigs. So does that mean the band (hailing from Bristol, a city that has close ties to Banksy) is behind these masterpieces? Allegations have been made that group member Robert Del Naja is Banksy; admittedly, del Naja was once a graffiti artist, and the presence of Banksy art near his band's venues would make sense. But Del Naja himself has never confirmed or denied the allegations, so the mystery rages on!

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    Banksy Is A Parking Lot Attendant

    Photo: Abigail Owen Curator / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Rumor spread that a parking lot worker at Banksy's British "dystopian theme park," Dismaland, was actually the artist himself. And a Dismaland worker said that going undercover at his own exhibit was just the type of thing Banksy would do. But it turns out that the parking attendant might've been just that - a guy who works in a local lot. Admittedly, people did notice a strong resemblance between the worker and the aforementioned Robin Gunningham. Plus, Banksy probably knows a thing or two about tweaking his appearance to infiltrate his own attractions.

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