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Things Introverted Girls Say on Dates Vs. What They Mean

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Dating can be an introvert's nightmare. If you're lucky enough to nab an introvert, it may not always be clear what's going on in their ever-active minds. To shed some light on the introverted dating experience, we've translated some of their frequently used phrases for you. If you need us, we'll be in our room.
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    "Listen to me, I'm blabbering!"

    "Please talk. Please, for the love of God, don't make me carry this entire conversation."
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    "It's late. I should probably call it a night."

    "I've still got a solid four hours of Netflix I have to watch."
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    "I'd love to see you again."

    "A thorough search of Google and Facebook, as well as this in-person meeting have failed to turn up any red flags, so, yeah, we can hang."
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    "Let's grab drinks!"

    "I like you enough to go out an pay money to do something I do for free on my couch every night!"
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