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The 15 Most Famous Introverts In World History

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The word "introvert" is a pretty loaded term, really. It's hard to define the exact qualities that make someone introverted or extroverted. Being an introvert is hard, especially when your accomplishments thrust you into the public eye. There's a fine line between introversion and shyness, but introverts often experience both. Introverts prefer solitude, are quiet by nature, tend to be curious and contemplative, and do their best thinking alone. As a result, they may come across as aloof, standoffish, or just plain rude. Introverted musicians like Michael Jackson and Prince were known to live extremely private lives out of the limelight despite their very public careers.

Throughout history, famous introverted leaders have fooled us all, becoming some of the most prosperous and influential men and women of their times. Maybe they were uncomfortable and just counting down the minutes until they could go home, but these are some of the most ground-breaking, famous historical introverts to have ever lived.