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Invasive Species In Australia Are Wreaking Absolute Havoc

Australia has one of the most unique and isolated natural environments in the world. The continent is teeming with odd-looking animals, interesting plants, and specialized ecosystems. Unfortunately, Australia's isolation makes it that much more susceptible to damage by invasive species.

Australia's war on invasive species began with the arrival of its first colonists from Europe in the 1700s. Many of the animals on this list were brought to Australia to make the country look more like Europe, like foxes and rabbits for hunting. However, in their attempt to make their new country look like home, the colonists put a massive strain on native flora and fauna.

Non-native Australian animals are responsible for extensive damage to the native ecosystems, as well as huge financial loses for agricultural operations. Some, like deer and horses, seem to have become an almost loved part of the landscape, but even they take part in the destruction. 

Most invasive species in Australia were introduced with good intentions, but truthfully the introduction of these animals has had many tragically negative implications for the country.