The Cast Of 'Inventing Anna' Vs The Real People They Portray

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The Netflix series Inventing Anna tells the story of Anna Delvey, AKA Anna Sorokin, who conned New York's elite while pretending to be a wealthy German heiress. The show, as well as the true story, has captivated viewers and left many wondering not only who Delvey really is, but who the real people are that she managed to bamboozle. 

While many of the show's characters are completely fictional, others used the same names as their real life counterparts. Some characters, like Delvey's ex-boyfriend, got a new name. But that hasn't stopped viewers and media outlets from trying to uncover which real person (or persons) inspired them. And a few others, like fellow scammer Billy McFarland, have made their own headlines outside of the show. But all of them had us frantically searching the web to find out who was who.

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