21 Scorching Hot Takes About Netflix's 'Inventing Anna' That Are Anything But Fake

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Netflix's Inventing Anna is the sordid story of Anna Sorokin, AKA Anna Delvey, AKA The SoHo Grifter, a twentysomething fake socialite who conned her way into New York's high society and proceded to get them to invest in her dream of an exclusive club. She also ran up hundreds of thousands of dollars in hotel bills, stuck her buddies with numerous checks, nabbed any credit card she could get her hands on, and used everyone and anyone she could to fund her way through the Big Apple. Her twisted tale of fraud landed her jailtime, infamy,  and a Netflix miniseries.

The series was an instant hit on the streaming service as folks took to social media to weigh in on the fake German heiress. Here are a few of the spicy hot takes about the series, Anna, and the players involved. 

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    Don't Believe Everything You See


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    Series Highlight


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    So Absurd

    So Absurd
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    The Crossover No One Realized We Needed

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    Not A Girlboss

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