10 Police Investigations Aided By Psychics

Despite the skepticism that surrounds those who claim to have psychic powers, a large number of law enforcement officials admit to using psychics and their purported clairvoyant abilities as investigative tools. In going public with these stories, law enforcement personnel also put their professional integrity on the line. According to a survey by The New York Times, 35% of the 50 largest US police stations admit to tapping psychics for their alleged gifts.

While it's true that some psychic claims are false and may even hinder investigations, the testimony of detectives and police officers who have worked successfully with psychics is difficult to completely dismiss. In the following police investigations, psychics were credited by law enforcement as providing helpful information in solving the case.

  • Detectives Credit Psychic Frank St. James As The Reason They Found The Body Of A Missing Woman

    Detectives Credit Psychic Frank St. James As The Reason They Found The Body Of A Missing Woman
    Photo: Psychic Investigators / MagellanTV

    In 1996, 22-year-old single mother Nicole Arochas left her daughter with her parents to go out for the evening. As described in an episode of Psychic Investigators, when Nicole didn’t return that night, her father reported her missing. Detectives interviewed Nicole’s boyfriend, Michael Reid, and soon suspected him of killing Arochas, but they had no evidence to back up their hunch. That's when police turned to New Jersey psychic Frank St. James.

    After seeing Nicole’s picture, St. James delivered the bad news that Nicole was no longer alive. In the Arochas's kitchen, St. James claimed to connect with Nicole’s spirit, who showed him her car in a marshy area "close to home" that could only be seen from the air. A helicopter search found Arochas dead inside her car, which had been left in a marshy area near her residence. Reid, who provided Arochas with drugs and abandoned her body, was reportedly charged in her drug-induced death and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

  • Phil Jordan Led Searchers To A 5-Year-Old Boy Lost In The Woods

    Phil Jordan Led Searchers To A 5-Year-Old Boy Lost In The Woods
    Photo: Psychic Investigators / MagellanTV

    On a stormy night in 1975, psychic Phil Jordan was contacted by the father of a boy who went missing after picnicking with his family at Empire Lake in Tioga County, NY. Earlier that day, 5-year-old Tommy Kennedy reportedly got tired while hiking and ran into the national forest surrounding the lake.

    Jordan brought a map with him to the forest that he claimed to have drawn at home, reportedly to prevent the chaos at the scene from clouding his psychic impressions. Jordan’s map led searchers through dense forest to an area that was not yet searched. In that area, cold and exhausted, was little Tommy Kennedy. Hundreds of volunteers had helped search for Kennedy in the span of more than 16 hours, but Jordan's map took authorities to the boy's location in 58 minutes.

  • Psychic Annette Martin Successfully Pinpointed A Small Area On A 2,000-Acre Map As The Location Of A Missing Man's Body

    Just off of Highway 1, the California town of Pacifica is flanked by plenty of hiking trails and a county park. When 71-year-old Dennis Prado, a local resident and former US Army paratrooper, was reported missing from the area in 1997, cops knew they had a tough job in front of them.

    Detective Fernando Realyvasquez eventually contacted psychic Annette Martin. Martin reportedly pinpointed a small area on a map that covered over 2,000 acres. Searchers went to the location Martin chose and discovered Prado’s body, just as she predicted. Prado had suffered a heart attack or stroke. 

  • Rosemarie Kerr Led A Man's Family Directly To The Men Who Murdered Him

    Rosemarie Kerr Led A Man's Family  Directly To The Men Who Murdered Him
    Photo: Psychic Investigators / MagellanTV

    Andre Daigle went missing in 1987 after leaving a Louisiana bar with an unknown woman. After three frustrating days, Daigle’s sister reached out to California psychic Rosemarie Kerr, sending her a photo of Andre and a map of Louisiana. After opening the map, Kerr was drawn to the New Orleans suburb of Slidell and told the family to go there immediately. When Daigle's family got off at the Slidell exit, they spotted his truck on the road next to them. The family saw two strangers in the truck and flagged down police, who arrested the suspects for possession of a stolen vehicle.

    Investigators took Kerr to the bar where Andre was last seen, and she claimed to see highly detailed images of a body of water and railroad tracks. Police eventually found Daigle's body in just such a location, and Kerr later testified in the trial of one of the suspects. She was reportedly the first psychic to ever testify in a criminal trial. Both suspects were eventually convicted and are reportedly serving life sentences.

  • Etta Louise Smith Was Arrested After A Psychic Vision Led Her To A Murder Victim's Body

    Etta Louise Smith Was Arrested After A Psychic Vision Led Her To A Murder Victim's Body
    Photo: Psychic Investigators / MagellanTV

    Etta Louise Smith lived in Los Angeles and worked at a Lockheed aerospace plant in 1980 when she heard a news update on the radio about missing nurse Melanie Uribe. Smith didn’t consider herself a psychic, yet when she heard police were doing a house-to-house search, she felt certain the search was heading in the wrong direction. In her mind’s eye, Smith reportedly "saw" where Uribe was: in brush, less than 2 miles away in Lopez Canyon. Smith spoke with a detective before driving to Lopez Canyon where she discovered the body of Melanie Uribe.

    Smith quickly became a suspect in Uribe’s death and was held in police custody for four days but never charged. Three men with no known connection to Smith were eventually convicted of Uribe's murder. Smith sued the LAPD for wrongful arrest and was awarded $26,184 in damages.

  • Phil Jordan Helped Police Solve A Quadruple Homicide

    In 1979, a Central New York town was rocked by a quadruple murder inside a local nursery. After an extensive but fruitless investigation, authorities called in psychic Phil Jordan to help.

    Jordan was reportedly able to describe the murders from the perpetrators' point of view. He led detectives to a location outside of the nursery where police had already searched, only to find stolen coins dropped by the killers. Jordan also said the getaway car was "a small vehicle and a custom design." Authorities eventually tracked down a Volkswagen belonging to the culprits - it had many of the same details Jordan described and had been parked at the nursery during the crime.