female singers This Dad's Reaction To Getting Taylor Swift Tickets For Christmas Is Everything  

Rebecca High

A woman in Ireland surprised her husband with Taylor Swift tickets for Christmas, and the family captured his reaction in this delightful video.

The whole family was in on the surprise: they'd reportedly kept the secret for months before the big day. In the video as dad slowly opens his gift, their tittering laughs in the background heighten the palpable suspense.

The funniest thing about this dad receiving Taylor Swift concert tickets for Christmas is that it isn't a gag. He's not being ironic; he is absolutely thrilled with his gift as he exclaims, "Oh my God!"

Apparently, he'd tried to buy Taylor Swift tickets for himself online, but they'd been sold out for ages... little known to him, because of his family! This humorous video is a touching reminder of the power of finding just the perfect gift for someone.