27 Mind-Blowing Finds And Secret Messages That Were Hiding In Plain Sight (But Most People Missed)



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We've all heard of Easter eggs in movies and TV shows, but what about hidden things in real life? Well, thanks to r/IRLEasterEggs, we can spot a whole bunch. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. Helpful

    Photo: u/tomybox / Reddit
    105 votes
  • 2. Worst Results

    Worst Results
    Photo: u/PeteyLowkey / Reddit
    103 votes
  • 3. I'm A Tree

    I'm A Tree
    Photo: u/LegalAntidote37 / Reddit
    76 votes
  • 4. Viking Says Go

    Viking Says Go
    Photo: u/Hejlyfe / Reddit
    80 votes
  • 5. Territories

    Photo: u/DrBonerman / Reddit
    92 votes
  • 6. Cramped

    Photo: u/Goblobber / Reddit
    89 votes