Total Nerd 13 Great Moments in Captain America/Iron Man Slash Fiction  

Jacob Shelton
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Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the Marvel universe, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark slash fiction (or Stony fiction for those in the know) has taken over the erotic fan fiction world. Slash fiction has been a vital part of science fiction and fantasy fandoms since the '60s when burgeoning writers began to write stories about Captain Kirk and his first officer Spock getting up to no good in space. But in the 21st century the hot new brand of fan writing is focused on Captain America and Iron Man slash fiction. If you’ve never read slash fiction, or you don’t even know what it is, you’re in for a treat. The Marvel erotic fan fiction that’s on this list isn’t just about putting some hunks together and getting them to rub butts, it’s about telling a story. 

The writers of these stories have managed to nail the voices of the characters they’re writing like they invented the characters, and it makes the stories even richer. Some of the slash on this list is super short, and straight to the point, but a few of the stories are novella length and tell intricate stories that aren’t subordinate to the erotic undertones of their fiction. These stories are a testament to the weird and cool imaginations of Marvel’s fanbase, now kick everyone out of your room so you can read some super hot Iron Man/Captain America slash fiction.

What do you think of the Marvel slash fiction included on this list? If you have some of your own Stony slash to share feel free to leave a SFW sample in the comments.
Everyone Likes a Fancy Dress Up Party!

Dressed to Impress
By radiophile

While dressing for a gala of some sort (Why does SHIELD throw so many lavish parties?), Tony catches sight of Steve in his service uniform and things. get. hot.

"Tony makes a mental note to kick himself later for that and takes a steadying breath, forcing himself to calm down. It's not easy; Steve is always distractingly attractive no matter what he's wearing (or not wearing, as the case may be). To be presented without warning Steve in vintage military dress -- dark olive serge offset by bright gold buttons, every gorgeous inch of him immaculately in place and begging to be roughed up... Tony's only human, despite any claims he might make to the contrary while under the influence of alcohol or adrenaline or caffeine-fueled work frenzy." 
Tony Stark Helps Steve Rogers Find His Groove

Still A Virgin?
By tophgirl512

It's never been a major point of contention in the films, but when you think about it, it's weird that Steve's probably never lost his virginity. Thanks to this story, he doesn't have to worry about that anymore. 

"Still a virgin? Really?"

"Shut up Stark."

"No, Sorry I mean, but come on…you have had your first kiss right?"

Steve glared at him and Tony held his hands up, whiskey splashing out of the bottle. "I mean I'm just asking…you couldn't have been that good though."

"Excuse me."

Tony Stark shrugged and sat up, "I mean come on Cap women take kisses like religiously. If you're a bad kisser they take it that you're bad in bed, but see it works both ways. So, if you didn't get this chick into bed you must have been an awful kisser."

"I'm not." Steve sat up straighter and crossed his arms. Tony smirked and leaned forward, "Prove it." He whispered; the alcohol making him brave. Or very stupid…He shrugged inwardly. Guess I'm about to find out."

Captain America: Yoga War

A Heartbeat Drives You Mad
By sleeponrooftops

The only thing worse than waking up after being frozen at the end of World War II, is waking up to find out that you have to go to college. In his freshman year, Steve meets Tony and has to deal with his secret crush and A LOT of yoga. Seriously, what college offers this many yoga classes?

"Steve continues to work them through his core routine until they’re slowing back down, and after they’ve held corpse pose enough that Steve feels fully relaxed, Tony gets up and claims he’s doing stand practice. 'What?' Steve says, watching him curiously as he starts shifting on his mat, rolling up onto his toes and then back down, knees going with him. He rolls out his wrists, and then he’s squatting, taking a few deep breaths before he’s moving into crow, and Steve watches in amazement as he holds it for a few breaths and then slowly moves into a handstand, shifts into a shelf, brings his legs back, and then folds back down.  'Tony—'"
Fifty Shades of Iron

Dark Side
By SailorChibi

After the death of JARVIS, Tony takes the loss personally and feels a need to be punished. Hard.

"Waking up to find a super soldier sprawled on top of you shouldn't be comfortable or reassuring. Somehow, it manages to be both. Tony wakes up to the feeling of fingers drawing idle designs across his back. It's a soothing feeling, verging on ticklish when Steve's fingertips dance a little too far up his ribs, and he allows himself to bask in the sensation for a couple of minutes."