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The Dumbest Decisions Iron Man Ever Made In The MCU

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Although Tony Stark is undoubtedly a genius, his smarts don't stop Iron Man from making some of the worst decisions in the MCU. Tony knows everything there is to know about technological advancements, but his huge ego and narcissism are his biggest downfalls. He truly believes that he can fix everything on his own, which subsequently means that he's prone to some pretty dumb decisions. 

Whether it's his own laziness, a belief that he doesn't need help, or a case of misguided aggression, Tony Stark has a habit of embracing his own stupidity. He rarely apologizes for his mistakes, but lucky for him, things usually seem to work out in the end. 

Tony Stark may be willing to overlook his flaws, but we certainly aren't. Look below for the dumbest decisions Iron Man ever made in the MCU and vote up the choices that are the height of stupidity

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    He Tries To Get A Rise Out Of Bruce Banner In Order To Bring The Hulk Out In Close Quarters

    When Tony Stark joins the rest of the world's greatest heroes in The Avengers, his signature egotism continues to get the best of him. Stark struggles to get along with other members of the team, particularly Steve Rogers. He does have a decent rapport with Bruce Banner, though he quickly puts a wrench in their friendship when he tries to anger Banner in order to turn him into the Hulk. 

    Since Stark knows about Banner's alter ego, he should also know how destructive and unstoppable the Hulk can be. Why would he try to prompt a transformation in the close quarters of the helicarrier? Doesn't he realize that he's only putting himself, the other heroes, and the entire mission at risk? It's only a half-hearted attempt, but it's still a dumb decision. Stark has no idea how sensitive the Hulk is. His gentle prodding could have easily released the monster, and what would he have done then? 

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    Tony Stark Waits To Track Down The Mandarin And Instead Pursues Other Lines Of Questioning While The Attacks Continue

    Over the course of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark jumps through hoop after hoop trying to catch the Mandarin. He baits the Mandarin to come after him at his house and pursues an interesting, possibly unconnected lead in Tennessee that might give him some answers. Later, he decides to finally confront the Mandarin. How does he do it? He tracks the IP address to a sweatshop in the Middle East. 

    Now, Stark's confrontation of the Mandarin proves to be fruitless. All he finds is a British actor named Trevor Slattery who has no idea what's actually going on. But Stark had no idea what he would find, and he still took a massive detour before actually confronting the enemy. If he could simply track the IP address and stop the guy, why didn't he start with that? Why does he allow the attacks to continue before he decides that he should stop them at the source? The entire logic behind his decision doesn't exactly make sense, especially since tracking the Mandarin was apparently as easy as tracing an IP address.

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    He Chooses To Be Angry At Captain America Instead Of Helping The Avengers Defeat Thanos

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    If there's one thing Tony Stark excels at over the course of his time in the MCU, it's lashing out at other people when things don't go his way. At the start of Avengers: Endgame. Tony is rescued from space and returned to Pepper and the Avengers. At that point, he learns just how dire the situation really is. Instead of helping his fellow heroes come up with a plan, however, Tony chooses to be angry. He tells Cap that there's no point in fighting and then blames him for Tony's failure to defeat Thanos. He tells Cap that he wasn't there when Tony needed him. 

    Captain America wasn't there to fight Thanos with Tony on Titan? Was that possibly because Tony left without waiting for reinforcements? Let's not forget, Cap was fighting his own fight on the ground. 

    Tony's angry speech isn't exactly life-altering, but it is dumb. The heroes have a huge problem on their hands and instead of using his big brain to help them get out of it, he decides to lash out at everyone around him and give up. Doesn't sound like much of a hero in that moment, does he? 

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    He Doesn't Believe Cap When He Says That Bucky Is Innocent

    Photo: Captain America: Civil War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    When Bucky Barnes is accused of a massively destructive bombing in Vienna, Captain America knows he's innocent. Iron Man, on the other hand, refuses to believe his friend. Although Cap and Iron Man have worked and fought side-by-side on more than one life-threatening mission, he simply can't believe that Cap is telling the truth. Instead, he decides to detain Cap and the members of his team and bring them to "justice." 

    He quickly finds out that he was mistaken, but it's too late. By that time, most of Cap's team have been brought in and are placed in a remote prison facility. By refusing to believe Cap, Iron Man contributes to the civil war between the Avengers. Iron Man's disbelief isn't the primary reason for the in-fighting, but taking Cap's side certainly would have stopped the all-out fight at the airport that results in an injury to Rhodey.

    If Iron Man believed Cap, he could have helped him to find Bucky and clear his name. Instead, he chooses to fight against the first Avenger, somehow forgetting that Cap's whole thing is honor and integrity. Cap always does the right thing, no matter what. It would have benefited Tony to remember that in this tricky situation. 

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