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The Dumbest Decisions Iron Man Ever Made In The MCU

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Vote up the decisions that don’t require a billionaire genius to get right.

Although Tony Stark is undoubtedly a genius, his smarts don't stop Iron Man from making some of the worst decisions in the MCU. Tony knows everything there is to know about technological advancements, but his huge ego and narcissism are his biggest downfalls. He truly believes that he can fix everything on his own, which subsequently means that he's prone to some pretty dumb decisions. 

Whether it's his own laziness, a belief that he doesn't need help, or a case of misguided aggression, Tony Stark has a habit of embracing his own stupidity. He rarely apologizes for his mistakes, but lucky for him, things usually seem to work out in the end. 

Tony Stark may be willing to overlook his flaws, but we certainly aren't. Look below for the dumbest decisions Iron Man ever made in the MCU and vote up the choices that are the height of stupidity