People Who Couldn't Have Known They'd Be Wearing The Perfect Shirt For Their Mugshot

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It's doubtful that anyone has ever considered what exactly they should wear for their mugshot in the off-chance they were arrested. If they had, then the majority of the ironic photos that we've assembled today would not exist in such fortuitous abundance.

Second-rate criminals, especially, don't usually know when they'll be standing in front of that police camera as someone in blue snaps away at their somber countenances. Perhaps they would put more thought into their pre-photo op hairstyle or choose a more appealing color palette for their foray into the spotlight if they knew just how poorly their attempts at breaking bad would go. Their mugshot mishaps and silent lamentations, however, have given the rest of us a source of ceaseless amusement as we appreciate the irony in their respective choices for captioned t-shirts.