Conspiracies Global Warming Conspiracy Theories: Myth or Reality?  

Mike Rothschild
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Global climate change is either the most dangerous peril our planet faces, or a gigantic hoax dreamed up by scientists, bureaucrats, and green energy stock holders to make money and control the masses of useless eaters. Conspiracy theories about climate change are rife on the Internet, even with the facts we have thanks to the hard work of thousands of climate scientists. A number of prominent writers, thinkers, and researchers simply disagree with these facts, and in some cases, have cooked up implausible theories to explain why.

Some think climate change is real, but nothing that humans have anything to do with. Others think it's part of the natural cycle of climate on the planet, while a few think it's not real at all, and simply a plot by powerful dark forces in the UN to gain control of the planet and enact one world government.

Even with little to no proof supporting these allegations, they continue to be popular, and the subject of whether climate change is real is still hotly (no pun intended) debated by both scientists and concerned citizens.

Here are the most popular conspiracy theories and myths about climate change and global warming - some of which have a little truth to them, and some of which are pure nonsense.

Climate Change Is a UN Plot to Take Over the World

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Among the adherents to this conspiracy is the libertarian think tank the Heartland Institute, which writes “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the pathway through which the environmental proposals of Agenda 21 are being carried out, such as designing compact cities without cars under the guise of sustainability. […] the public can no longer afford to yawn and ignore U.N. Agenda 21 and all its tentacles into our lives.”

Agenda 21 actually makes no such provisions, and is only a non-binding UN policy statement.

The Kyoto Protocol Is the First Step to New World Order

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No less a figure than Senator James Inhofe put this forward on the floor of the Senate in 2006, when he said, “French President Jacques Chirac provided the key clue as to why so many in the international community still revere the Kyoto Protocol, who in 2000 said Kyoto represents 'the first component of an authentic global governance.'"

Keep in mind that Chirac actually backed the Kyoto protocol – and Inhofe is both Chair of the Senate Environment Committee and a believer that climate change is a hoax and a conspiracy.

The Climategate Fiasco

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A typical charge of global warming deniers, and conspiracy theorists in general: things we don’t agree with are fake.

In the case of “climategate,” a trove of illegally obtained emails stolen from the Climactic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in the UK “proved” that scientists were simply making up the numbers that proved climate change was happening. Except nothing of the sort was proven, as the emails were quoted out of context, and showed nothing more than scientists arguing about which one of them was correct, which is an integral part of the research process. Nine different ethics investigations cleared the CRU, and the “scandal” was a faux controversy.

Climate Change Is Natural

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This is true, up to a point. The earth does have natural climate shifts, and has for the last four billion years. Deniers point to periods such as the “Medieval Warm Period” and the following “Little Ice Age” that lasted until the early 20th century as times with the planet had wild climate swings – meaning the current warming period is just one of those things that happens.

But recent research from climate change guru Michael Mann has shown that those periods were less intense than once thought – and that human activity is exacerbating these natural tendencies.