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Is This Eerie Photo Of A Child Proof That Ghosts Exist?

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Supposed photographic evidence of ghosts will always be treated with an understandable amount of skepticism. However, some ghost photos are more convincing than others, and one photo captured in Scotland in February 2016 looks spookily authentic. This photo, taken in the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, will send chills down your spine. Some say it's proof that a ghost girl haunts a museum in Scotland.

The photographer was a woman named Louise Murphy, who claims she and her son were the only ones nearby when she took the photo. The picture shows the pearly white figure of a child who appears to be waving at the camera. Many creepy photos of ghosts have been captured over the years, but this one stands out. Whatever you choose to believe, you have to admit it's scary.

  • The Photographer Took The Picture On A Normal Day Sightseeing

    Louise Murphy took her son, Owen, to the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Scotland for a day out in February 2016. In the museum’s Victorian-themed street, Murphy took a series of photos to remember the day.

    When Murphy looked through the photos, she was shocked. There appeared to be an apparition of a small child waving at the camera standing in the corner of the photo.

  • The Figure Appears To Have Emerged From An Eerie Mist

    When Louise Murphy scrolled through the previous pictures she took, she became more convinced she had recorded paranormal activity. She took one other picture just before capturing the ghostly figure. In the previous image, you can see a mysterious mist forming at the bottom of the picture. Did the ghost appear from the fog?

  • There Was No One Present But The Photographer And Her Son

    Some skeptics have suggested a little girl may have run quickly in front of the camera, resulting a blurred image. Louise Murphy refutes this, however. She claims no one else was present that day, and her son, Owen, backs her up. He also thinks the picture is pretty strange, given they were the only two there.

  • The Ghost's Gender Is Unclear

    The ghost’s gender has yet to be determined. Some claim it looks like a young boy, while others see the image of a girl. Regardless of the gender, the child appears to be wearing a floral-pattered garment.