The Scariest Horror Movies About Being Alone In Isolation

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Any place can be scary when you're there by yourself. If you don't believe us, you need look no further than these horror movies about being alone for proof. While we've all spent more than a little of our time in isolation recently, sometimes all it takes are some good isolation horror movies to remind us of how much worse it could be.

After all, self-isolating during a pandemic isn't as bad as being on a spaceship with a homicidal alien, trapped in a blizzard by a deranged fan, or imprisoned in an ever-shifting subterranean dungeon. Sometimes, you just have to find those silver linings.

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    John Carpenter's 1982 paranoia classic has its protagonists stranded in what may be the most isolated place on earth: Antarctica. Unfortunately for them, they discover they're not as alone as they thought when they encounter a shapeshifting alien that has been trapped in the ice for centuries.

    As the intruder picks them off (and replaces them) one by one, their solitude is not only a detriment to their survival, but perhaps the only hope of humanity; if the eponymous Thing can be kept isolated in the frigid arctic, cut off from the rest of the world, its reign of terror may come to an end.

    The film was released to thunderously negative reviews and was a disappointment at the box office, but it's since become a cult classic and been recognized in recent years as one of the greatest horror movies of the modern age.

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    There are many places on Earth to get trapped, but most of them won't immediately kill you if you step outside. That's not the case with outer space, though. Out there, you're stuck inside with whatever might happen to be inside with you and, as the tagline for Ridley Scott's 1979 sci-fi horror opus reminds us, “no on can hear you scream.”

    Space is one of those places that can be pretty scary, even when everything is going according to plan. Add in the deadly extraterrestrial at the heart of Alien, however, and the space mission becomes a whole other ball game. There's a reason this flick spawned a franchise that continues to this day, not to mention a whole galaxy of imitators.

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    Horror movies do not win Academy Awards very often, but Misery did, netting Kathy Bates a Best Actress Oscar.

    In the film, Bates plays Annie Wilkes, one of Stephen King's most memorable antagonists. When her favorite author, Paul Sheldon (James Caan), is in a car crash during a blizzard near her remote Colorado home, she nurses him back to health but also holds him prisoner when she learns he's planning to knock off her favorite recurring character in his popular Victorian romance series.

    With hardly more than two characters, Misery is a study in isolation, as Annie Wilkes goes to extraordinary (and violent) lengths to ensure that her favorite author stays in her tender mercies.

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    Sometimes we're our own worst enemy, and that's never more true than when we're stuck by ourselves and things begin to go wrong. Of course, it's not usually quite as literal as it is in Triangle, in which individuals who are trapped on a derelict ocean liner after a storm are stuck in a time loop that seems equally inescapable - one in which they sometimes find themselves at the mercy of… well, themselves.

    Christopher Smith directs this twisty 2009 thriller that's not quite like anything else out there, even while time-loop horror has become mainstream thanks to flicks like 2017's Happy Death Day.