websites iSurf: where i learn stuff (or at least, look it up)  

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i don't know anything on my own. i'm just not that smart. here are some places that smart people have already been. you might find me there once in awhile.

Reference Sites

ENCYCLOPEDIAS not always right of course but they do cite their sources. - list of online encyclopedias. - list of online encyclopedias.

DIRECTORY LISTINGS - the king of open directories.

BIBLE BY VERSION - any version you've ever heard of.

AUDIOBOOKS - worth every bit of the monthly fee.


Parenting Sites

PARENTING - she homeschools ten kids! - James Dobson

HOMESCHOOL - a free online tutor for grade school kids. pretty good for a free one! - what we use. but check ebay first so it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. - topical reference. free grade-school worksheets. small membership fee.

Bible Sites

Some are great and some are not. I try to weed them out.

SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE - worth it but maybe some things i can't endorse.

CREATION AND FLOOD - a personal research timeline from creation to Jesus. well documented.

SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS be careful with this one though. i can't agree with all of it.

DOCTRINE escape from legalism, it's not what God wants anyway

Grief Sites

Sites here are parent bereavement sites unless otherwise specified.

MEMORIALS - free memorial pages for any loss.

SERVICES - for parents who lose a newborn. beautiful bereavement photography.

COMMUNITY - forum for bereaved parents of children of all ages. - blog and great list of angel mom blogs. - topical list of angel mom blogs by type of child loss.