The Biggest Differences Between The Novel And 'IT: Chapter I'

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Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

There have been many books made into films, but few authors can boast a number equal to Stephen King. Nearly all the movies based on Stephen King novels try to bring most of the horror in the literature to the silver screen, yet the It (2017) film actually circumvents some of the most terrifying events that occur in the book. For example, there's a huge sex scene that is completely omitted in Andrés Muschietti's cinematic interpretation of King's written story. 

Stephen King's It was made into a two-part miniseries in the 1990s, which was criticized for being comical and not scary enough. Nearly two decades later, Muschietti decided to bring It to the big screen in an ambitious film adaption with a wealth of horrifying scenes. Yet amongst all the frightening hubbub, book readers of It have been quick to point out that lots of scary things were left out in the movie. Just what exactly didn't make the cut for the movie, It? Here is a list of differences between the novel and the film adaptation of King's creepy clown masterpiece. Vote up the most surprising deviations from the book version of It.