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Hilarious Interviews With The Cast Of 'It' That Will Have You Laughing Like A Clown

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When It came out in 2017, its charming cast of kids managed to bring horror fans and casual moviegoers alike together in love for the film and all its details. Then It: Chapter Two came out in 2019, and even more lovable faces were added to the cast, as actors and actresses were called in to play those kids' older counterparts. Beverly Marsh went from being played by Sophia Lillis to being played by Jessica Chastain, Bill went from Jaeden Martell to James McAvoy, Richie from Finn Wolfhard to Bill Hader, and more.

All the kids and adults worked closely together, and it's clear from their interviews they grew tight bonds, as they love to joke and play with each other. So here are the best moments from It cast movie interviews conducted during both It: Chapter One and It: Chapter Two. Which It cast interviews do you think are funniest? Vote to let us know!