The Adult Cast Of 'It Chapter Two' Vs. Their Younger Counterparts

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Just two little letters - helped by a diabolical clown, a stellar cast of kids, a red balloon, and Stephen King's frightfully brilliant storytelling - made It a triumph of terror cinema in 2017. The horror flick, about King's lovable Losers' Club and a shapeshifting evil spirit that most often appears as Pennywise the Clown, became the highest-grossing supernatural horror film ever, according to Box Office Mojo.  

But the story of It wasn't done, covering only part of King's book, which was inspired by a true story from his life. The sequel, It Chapter 2, released in fall 2019, finishes the tale. King's lengthy novel (spanning 1,168 pages) moves back and forth between the past and present, but in the first film, director Andy Muschietti kept the setting during the Losers' Club members' childhood growing up in Derry, ME. In the sequel, the club members are adults who have returned home to Derry to confront the evil force that terrorized them long ago.

It Chapter 2 features the characters both as kids, with the young actors returning, and adults, with an all-new and equally stellar cast including Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain and Golden Globe nominee James McAvoy. The child and adult actors are paired here so you can see what casting directors thought everyone might look years later. Did they get It right?