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Every Stephen King Easter Egg You Missed In 'It Chapter Two'

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It Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti clearly knows his Stephen King: There are references to other King properties peppered throughout Muschietti's 2019 film. Some It Chapter Two Easter eggs are easy to spot; others, like the carpet pattern from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, are more obscure. And others still - like that turtle in that classroom when Ben goes back to his old school - might only catch the eye of the most devoted King fans.

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    There's A Turtle In The High School Classroom

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    In Stephen King's novel, a massive, immensely powerful turtle called Maturin gives the Losers advice that helps them defeat Pennywise. The creature doesn't show up in It or IT Chapter Two, but there are a few small references to it. In the first installment from 2017, there's a toy turtle in Georgie's bedroom. In Chapter Two, there's a turtle in one of the Derry High School classrooms that Ben visits while looking for his totem.

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    The Neibolt Street House Collapses, 'Carrie'-Style

    At the end of It Chapter Two - spoiler alert - the surviving members of the Losers' Club, having defeated Pennywise, dart out of the rapidly self-destructing Neibolt house. Once they make their exit, it's not long before the house collapses entirely into the earth, as if into the depths of hell itself - in almost exactly the same manner as Carrie's similarly hellish home in the fiery climactic moments of Carrie, the capstone to her night of vengeful rage.

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    Bill Writes Bad Endings

    A running joke throughout the film is that nobody enjoys the endings Bill writes - despite otherwise enjoying the novels as a whole. One of the biggest complaints many critics and fans have had with Stephen King's work over the years is that his endings often tend to fall flat, or go off the rails.

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    Bev Gets Covered In Blood, Carrie-Style

    As the members of the Losers' Club get separated from one another during It Chapter Two's extended climax - each faced with shifting incarnations of their deepest fears - Bev (Jessica Chastain) winds up stuck in a bathroom and nearly drowned in an endless supply of blood. As she eventually emerges, she's dripping head to toe, her blood-soaked image instantly calling to mind Sissy Spacek's iconically vengeful Carrie White from the back half of Brian De Palma's adaptation of King's novel Carrie.

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