List Of Stephen King's 'It' Characters

Looking for the cast and characters from the original It series? Check out this full list of It characters, with pictures when available. These characters from the 1990 miniseries Stephen King's It are ordered by their prominence, so the most recognizable roles are at the top of the list. From main characters to cameos and minor roles, these characters are a huge part of what made the miniseries so great. The names of the actors who played each character are listed below as well, so use this It character list to find out who portrayed your favorite role.

Examples of items on this list include Pennywise and Bill Denbrough.

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  • Pennywise the Dancing Clown
    Tim Curry, Bill Skarsgård

    As the shapeshifting antagonist, this demonic entity lurks in the shadows of Derry, Maine, using fear to manipulate and feed on its victims, mainly children. With a haunting visage hidden beneath makeup and a sinister grin, the character is capable of instilling both terror and morbid curiosity in audience members. Drawing inspiration from classic clowns and supernatural boogeymen, the legend of Pennywise has become an iconic figure in horror cinema and the embodiment of childhood fears.

  • Eddie Kaspbrak
    Adam Faraizl, Dennis Christopher, Jack Dylan Grazer

    A hypochondriac with an overbearing mother, this character finds strength in overcoming his fear of germs, sickness, and his mother's control. He faces the darkness lurking within both his abusive home life and the streets of Derry, with his trademark inhaler becoming a symbol of defiance against his fears. As part of the Losers' Club, he forms lasting friendships that empower him to challenge the horrors inflicted upon their small town.

  • Stanley Uris
    Richard Masur, Ben Heller, Wyatt Oleff

    Methodical, pragmatic, and honest, this character approaches the supernatural events unfolding in Derry with a level-headed skepticism. Initially reluctant to believe in the existence of an otherworldly evil, he eventually puts aside his doubts and joins his friends in their crusade. His struggle with faith, logic, and loyalty add depth and complexity to the group dynamic, ultimately emphasizing the importance of unity in facing adversity.

  • Bill Denbrough
    Richard Thomas, Jonathan Brandis, Jaeden Martell

    Driven by the tragic loss of his younger brother, this character serves as the de facto leader of the Losers' Club, guiding them through the treacherous landscape of fear and supernatural occurrences. Grief-stricken, determined, and courageous, he inspires those around him to confront their deepest fears and face the demonic force plaguing their town. As the epitome of perseverance and resilience, his arc is a testament to the power of love and the human spirit.

  • Ben Hanscom
    John Ritter, Brandon Crane, Jay Ryan

    A newcomer to Derry and target of relentless bullying due to his weight, this character quickly becomes a central figure within the Losers' Club and instrumental in their battle against evil. Using his intelligence, resourcefulness, and an unyielding sense of hope, he sheds the role of victim and evolves into a brave and selfless hero. His journey from insecurities to self-acceptance serves as a stark contrast, highlighting the resilience and power of personal transformation.

  • Beverly Marsh
    Annette O'Toole, Emily Perkins, Sophia Lillis

    The sole female member of the Losers' Club, this character navigates a tumultuous home life while finding solace and support in her newfound friendships. Enduring poverty, abuse, and derision, she emerges as a symbol of strength and defiance against both external and internal demons. Her youthful resilience and tenacious spirit become an inspiration for her fellow "Losers," as they face the collective horrors of their small town.