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This Child Dressed Up As The Clown From It In A Nightmare-Worthy Photoshoot

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Stephen King’s It has been terrifying audiences since the novel was released in 1986. It’s been 30 years of clown-filled horror and the film adaptation has traumatized an entire new generation with its Hollywood movie remake. While the remake definitely has a new take on Pennywise that's ramped up for desensitized modern-day audiences (thanks, Internet!), a teenage boy managed to take the creep-factor to a whole new level with an It photoshoot.

There’s nothing more frightening than Pennywise, the creepy clown originally played by Tim Curry. In fact, any clown is pretty terrifying, but a child dressed up like Pennywise is something from another realm of terror. 17-year-old Eagan Tilghman, the brains behind this kid It clown, enlisted his toddler brother Hosea to play the role. The final product is undeniably eerie and depicts a child-sized Pennywise lurking along train tracks, fields and farmhouses.

Check out Tilghman’s photoshoot below, if you dare.

  • Lurking By The Train Tracks

    Photo: Eagan Tilghman / Facebook
  • In A Field Of Horrors

    Photo: Eagan Tilghman / Facebook
  • Haunting The Forest

    Photo: Eagan Tilghman / Facebook
  • What Lies Beneath

    Photo: Eagan Tilghman / Facebook