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Here's All The Best 'IT' Fan Art We Could Find 

Samantha Dillinger
Updated September 3, 2019 197 votes 33 voters 19 items

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Artistic fans of Stephen King get "IT," and they're sharing their talent at illustrating clowns, red balloons, and severed arms. The shape-shifting evil entity known as "IT" can take many forms, but in the films based on King's book of the same name, is most familiar as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Clowns are inherently creepy, and because Pennywise is the creepiest character in the "IT" franchise, he seems to have inspired the most examples of "IT" fan art circulating online.

Fan art also devotes ink to other favorite "IT" characters, such as Georgie (sob!), Beverly, and Richie, and the movie's haunting "We all float down here" scene.  

"IT" enthusiasts can delve into King universe fan theories, check out all the forms "IT" takes, or simply marvel at this list of creative and creepy "IT" art.

Stranger 'IT' Thing
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Disgruntled Pennywise
Disgruntled Pennywise is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Here's All The Best 'IT' Fan Art We Could Find
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Shorn Beverly

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No Longer Daddy's Little Girl

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