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14 Important Things You Should Know About Itachi's Girlfriend Izumi Uchiha

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Itachi Uchiha is known for a lot of things: his role in the massacre of the Uchiha clan, the deeply tragic reason he did it, and his complicated relationship with his little brother Sasuke being chief among them. One thing that he's not really known for is his love life. But he did have one during his early years. Specifically, he had a girlfriend named Izumi Uchiha.

Depending on whether you go by anime or light novel canon, the two met during the Nine Tailed Fox attack, or at Ninja Academy. Izumi was a kind, gentle girl who wanted to become strong enough to help others - including Itachi, who she loved. It took a while for Itachi to warm up to her, but the two eventually developed a romance. Sadly, it ended in tragedy.

Keep reading, and learn the things you didn't know about Izumi Uchiha. What did you find the most interesting?

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    Itachi Placed Her Under Tsukuyomi

    The light novel version of Izumi's demise will wreck you emotionally.

    Before he eliminated Izumi, Itachi wanted to give her a sense of having lived a full and happy life. To accomplish this, he used a powerful genjutsu move called Tsukuyomi. This gave her the illusion of spending a lifetime by Itachi's side. In the genjutsu dream, the two of them pursued their ninja careers together, until the two got married and Izumi gave up her career to focus on being a mother. The two spent seventy years in wedded bliss, until Izumi passed away from an illness as an old woman.

    After the dream ended, Itachi woke Izumi up to say goodbye for real. She thanked him for the long and beautiful life together, then expired.

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    She Was The First Uchiha That Itachi Eliminated

    When Itachi made the decision to destroy his clan, he knew he'd only be allowed to save one person: his little brother Sasuke Uchiha. No matter how much he cared about Izumi, he could not save her. 

    So, he decided that she'd be the first person he'd take down. He thought that if he eliminated her first, it'd be easier to do the rest. It's also possible that he wanted to spare her the pain of witnessing the rest of the clan be destroyed. 

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    She Activated Her Sharingan Before Itachi Did

    When the Nine Tailed Fox attacked Konoha, Izumi's father was one of its many casualties. He lost his life protecting his daughter from the carnage. 

    Izumi was both devastated by the loss and tormented by guilt. She thought that if she'd been strong enough to protect herself, her father might have survived. This maelstrom of feelings eventually led to her developing a Sharingan at a young age - younger than Itachi was when he developed his. 

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    She Had Potential As A Ninja

    Izumi is noted for being especially skilled at taijutsu. This might be why she graduated from Ninja Academy a year early. While not on the level of geniuses like Itachi, she had the potential to become a powerful ninja if she'd survived.