Ranker Readers Reveal What They Think Will Be Invented In The Next 20 Years

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To all the creatives in the room, it's time for your big, brilliant minds to spring into action to come up with ideas for inventions that could appear 20 years from now. It's also a call to all psychics out there who can see the future and want to anticipate what great technology awaits us in the coming years. Will cars finally fly? Will we teleport? Our Facebook friends tried to guess what's in our future and we think they might be right. These are some of the things we think will be invented – do you see them in your future?

Comments have been edited for length and clarity.

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    Shoes That Don't Need Socks

    From Facebook commenter Puseletso M:

    Shoes that don't need socks and can heat up in winter would be awesome.

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    Holograms That Can Interact

    From Facebook commenter Joanne H:

    Holograms that interact and more sophisticated robots.

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    Lifelike 3-D Imaging

    From Facebook commenter Petey H:

    I think the next big technological paradigm shift will be viable 3-D imaging that makes it seem as if you are in the same room with someone who is far away. Visiting relatives or attending functions in person will no longer be necessary, as you can share every holiday with loved ones.

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    Cheap Electric Car Batteries

    From Facebook commenter John R:

    Cheap electric car batteries.

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    From Facebook commenter Berni H:

    Robots to do the work humans now do! That includes the police and the stores! Humans will cater to them! Frightening.

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    Augmented Reality For All

    From Facebook commenter Sean D:

    Augmented reality for all. So that Google and Meta can push ads to us 24/7, and not just when we're on our phones.

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