The Essential Items You Need In Your Bug Out Bag

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Sirens blare, smoke is rising, and it's chaos on the streets. You turn on the news and see that the government is on red alert. Your hometown is being evacuated. Maybe it's a foreign threat, natural disaster, or even a zombie outbreak. Luckily, you've prepared your bug out bag. Ranker has teamed up with the Weather Channel's survival expert Creek Stewart to bring you the list of must-have items in your bug out bag!

A bug out bag is a pack that you have stowed away in case of an emergency so if you need to evacuate immediately, you're ready to go. Most B.O.B.s are equipped with the gear to get an individual through the next 72 hours on foot. A bag should be packed with only the essentials for survival and should be curated with your location and climate in mind. Are you in a colder region? Are you in a major city? Do you have children? All of these need to be considered when preparing a B.O.B. 

So keep your focus and stay alert! An emergency could arise at any time and it's imperative that you be prepared. Creek Stewart and Ranker have listed fifty items that will help you build the perfect bug out bag.

For more information on bug out bags and survival, check out Creek Stewart on the Weather Channel's Fat Guys in the Woods Sundays @ 9pm. You can also explore Stewart's training facility Willow Haven Outdoor and find his survival books on Amazon

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