People You Forgot Guest Starred on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The actors who make up It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s ensemble cast are known for playing a collection of generally terrible human beings, but they’ve had other characters come along to break up the monotony and enter their world. From brief cameos to full-on guest starring roles, these are the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia guest appearances that you may have forgotten about.

  • Josh Groban

    Josh Groban
    Photo: FX

    Episode: "The Gang Saves The Day" 
    Role: Himself

    The gang finds themselves stuck in a convenience store as it's robbed, so we see each of them imagine scenarios in their head. During Dee's daydream, among other things, she sees herself married to the singer, songwriter, (and in this case, actor) Josh Groban.
  • Sinbad

    Video: YouTube

    Episode: "Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life"
    Role: Himself

    Dennis winds up in a rehab facility, which is where we see the comedian playing an exaggerated version of himself. It’s worth noting that Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 is there as well, interacting with Dennis and Sinbad.
  • Alexandra Daddario

    Alexandra Daddario
    Video: YouTube

    Episode: "Charlie and Dee Find Love"
    Role: Ruby Taft

    The actress who starred in San Andreas and on True Detective’s first season appeared on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia as Ruby, a woman from a wealthy family whom Charlie is smitten with. She goes on a double date with Charlie, alongside her brother and Dee at a fancy restaurant, where Dee and Charlie struggle to pretend to be classy. 
  • Dennis Haskins

    Dennis Haskins
    Photo: FX

    Episode: "Charlie Got Molested"
    Role: Chris Murray

    When the gang discovers that Charlie’s former elementary school teacher is on trial for child molestation, they try to get Charlie to admit that he was sexually abused by him. Haskins, who famously played Mr. Belding on Saved By the Bellwas that teacher, Chris Murray, who it turns out was actually being set up.