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Insane Fan Theories About It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Coming up with fan theories for your favorite show is almost as much fun as watching it. Some TV shows more than others, though, leave themselves open for discussion. Take It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for instance - an absurd, dark farce about five degenerates (Charlie, Dee, Frank, Dennis, Mac) who run a bar in Philadelphia is very fertile soil for harebrained, insane fan theories. 

Fan theories about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia run the gamut, and there's no shortage of people on sites like Reddit bouncing them around. There's the one about Dennis being a murderer. Another It's Always Sunny theory involves figuring out the name of the gang's waitress frenemy. 

With 11 seasons behind it and three more on the way, there's plenty of room for more speculation and fan theories, especially on how it will end. Some fans think it might go the way of Seinfeld, a show to which it's been compared, with the gang in prison or on trial. Whatever theories you believe, there's probably a wackier one out there, so let's take a look at the craziest fan theories about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  
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    "The Nightman Cometh" Is Based on Charlie’s Sick Family -- and Mac

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    Season 4’s finale was the brilliant musical "The Nightman Cometh," which features Charlie’s creations: the Nightman, who sneaks in to rape Charlie at night; the Troll, who sells a boy to the Nightman; and the Dayman, who fights the Nightman.

    A fan theory proposes that the Nightman is Charlie’s uncle Jack, a pedophile who may have molested Charlie as a boy. The Troll is Charlie’s mother, who allowed Jack to bunk with Charlie for rent money. The Dayman is Mac, whom Charlie cast in the musical, and was his oldest (and most likely only) childhood friend. 
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    Charlie’s the Smartest Member of the Gang

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    In the 2015 episode “Charlie Work,” the imbecilic Charlie suddenly becomes a genius problem-solver, working several steps ahead of everyone else to make sure the bar passes a health inspection. If you think back, there have been other times Charlie displayed genius: he became the world’s best player of an RPG; he plays keyboard with mad skill; he invented Kitten Mittens; he can draw really well.

    So what if Charlie is like Charles Bukowski? His problem isn't stupidity, it's his environment, his affinity for huffing glue, and the implication that he was molested as a child. He displays his genius when given the chance, but his history and vices destroy him
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    The Series Ends in Court

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    In keeping with the spirit of a show often described as Seinfeld on crack, one fan theory claims that the entire series takes place in a courtroom. As per this theory, each episode is actually testimony from the gang, which they give against one another. The finale will reveal all of this, and play out exactly like Seinfeld's end.

    To back this theory up, its creator points to the fact that each episode begins with a day and time, as though it stands as a precise testimony to events taking place on a specific day, at a certain time. This means, essentially, that the entire show takes place in the past tense.

    So what landed them in court, and why are they giving testimony? Well, something big, the theory presumes. A federal case or class action lawsuit. A Redditor suggests calling the show's finale "The Gang vs. The State of Philadelphia."
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    Dennis Is a Sociopathic Rapist

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    Theories that Dennis is a serial killer exist, and have some merit, but it's really hard to argue against the theory that he's a sociopathic rapist

    The evidence? Well, there's the implication. And the fact that he keeps zip ties and duct tape in his trunk. There's also his D.E.N.N.I.S. system, through which he describes the process of emotionally luring women for sex only to dump them immediately. In one episode, he even offers to rape the wife of a lawyer. And, of course, he's been known to say things like,“I’m not going to take no for an answer...because winners, we don’t listen to words like 'no' or 'don’t' or 'stop'!”

    Pretty sure the evidence is clear on this one. 
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