Movies Written By J. F. Lawton

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This is a list of films written by J. F. Lawton, screenwriter. This list of movies written by J. F. Lawton is alphabetical and can be sorted for other bits of information such as who directed the film and what genre it falls under. These J. F. Lawton screenplays are not unfinished works; they have all been produced and released somewhere in the world. Any unreleased J. F. Lawton films are not included on this list. J. F. Lawton has written some very iconic movies over the years, so if you're trying to find popular J. F. Lawton films that you haven't seen already then this list is the perfect guide for doing so.

List features movies like Pretty Woman, DOA: Dead or Alive, and many more

You can use this list to answer the questions, "What movies did J. F. Lawton write?" and "How many movies did J. F. Lawton write?"

This list includes almost all of J. F. Lawton's screenplay credits. You can click on the names of the movies J. F. Lawton wrote in order to find out more about each individual J. F. Lawton film. Trailers for each movie can also be seen if you click on the video previews for these J. F. Lawton films. (8 items)
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Blankman is a 1994 American superhero comedy-parody film directed by Mike Binder and starring Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier. It was written by Wayans and J. F. Lawton, whose biggest success was writing Pretty Woman. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Jason Alexander, Damon Wayans, Arsenio Hall, Greg Kinnear, David Alan Grier, + more

Released: 1994

Directed by: Mike Binder

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Chain Reaction is a 1996 American action film directed by Andrew Davis, starring Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz, Fred Ward, Kevin Dunn and Brian Cox. It presents a fictional account of the invention of a new non-contaminating power source based on hydrogen and the attempts by the United States Government to prevent the spreading of this technology. The film was released in the United States on August 2, 1996. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz, Keanu Reeves, Brian Cox, Michael Shannon, + more

Released: 1996

Directed by: Andrew Davis

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This film is a 2006 ensemble martial arts film loosely based on the Tecmo/Team Ninja fighting game series. It was directed by Corey Yuen and written by J. F. Lawton, Adam Gross, and Seth Gross. The four female fighters begin as rivals, but work together to uncover the secret that Donovan, the organizer of the tournament, is trying to hide. The film has various appearances from characters of the game series, which include Tina Armstrong, Christie Allen, Kasumi, Ayane and Helena Douglas. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Jaime Pressly, Kevin Nash, Sarah Carter, Devon Aoki, Holly Valance, + more

Released: 2006

Directed by: Corey Yuen

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Jackson is a 2008 American comedy-drama-musical film written and directed by J. F. Lawton and starring Barry Primus and Charles Robinson. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Steve Guttenberg, Debra Jo Rupp, Charles Robinson, Barry Primus, Mohamed El Emam, + more

Released: 2008

Directed by: J. F. Lawton