Film List of Films Scored By J. Peter Robinson

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List of movies with music composed by J. Peter Robinson, listed alphabetically with trailers of the movies when available. This list includes any film scores composed by J. Peter Robinson, ranging from smaller indie movies to larger blockbuster pictures. Film composers are responsible for writing and composing the music that plays during the movie, which is particularly important for dramas and adventure movies- imagine what Lord of the Rings would have sounded like without an amazing score. Useful bits of trivia are can be found below, such as who directed each film scored by J. Peter Robinson and when the movie was first released. J. Peter Robinson is a world renowned film composer, so if you're a music buff use this list to find the names of J. Peter Robinson soundtracks that you haven't heard before.

List movies include Wayne's World, Wes Craven's New Nightmare and more.

This J. Peter Robinson films list can help answer the question, "Which movies were scored by J. Peter Robinson?"

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Charlize Theron, Robert De Niro, Kelsey Grammer 15 Minutes is a 2001 American thriller film starring Robert De Niro and Edward Burns. Its story revolves around a homicide detective and a fire marshal who team up to stop a pair of Eastern ...more

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Jason Bateman, Robert Picardo, Lori Petty Bates Motel is a 1987 television movie spin-off of the 1960 suspense/horror film Psycho. The film is about Alex West, a mentally disturbed youth who was admitted to an asylum after killing his ...more

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Beeper Harvey Keitel, Joey Lauren Adams, Gulshan Grover Beeper is a 2002 film directed by Jack Sholder.

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Rutger Hauer, Terry O'Quinn, Randall "Tex" Cobb Blind Fury is a 1989 American samurai/action film written by Charles Robert Carner and directed by Phillip Noyce. It is a loosely based, modernized version of Zatoichi Challenged, the 17th film ...more

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Robin Williams, Tim Robbins, Fran Drescher Cadillac Man is a 1990 comedy film directed by Roger Donaldson, starring Robin Williams and Tim Robbins.

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Fairuza Balk, Eileen Brennan, Joanna Kerns Deadly Intentions... Again? is a 1991 television film, and a sequel to the 1985 film Deadly Intentions.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui, Edward Furlong, Gene Simmons Detroit Rock City is a 1999 American comedy film directed by Adam Rifkin and written by Carl V. Dupré. It tells of four teenage boys in a KISS cover band who try to see their idols in ...more

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Billy Burke, Kate Robbins, Terry Kinney Don't Look Down is a 1998 American horror television film directed by Larry Shaw and produced by Wes Craven. It originally aired on 29 October 1998 on ABC. The film is about a woman who is ...more

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rose McGowan, Brendan Fraser Encino Man is a 1992 comedy film directed by Les Mayfield and starring Brendan Fraser, Sean Astin, and Pauly Shore. The plot revolves around two geeky teenagers from Encino, Los Angeles, ...more

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Amy Hill, Hiroshi Abe, Ron Yuan Godzilla 2000: Millennium is a 1999 Japanese science fiction kaiju film directed by Takao Okawara and written by Hiroshi Kashiwabara and Wataru Mimura. It was the twenty-third film released in ...more

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Adrian Paul, Jim Byrnes, Peter Wingfield Highlander: The Source is the fifth and final installment of the Highlander film series, directed by Brett Leonard, and was intended to be the first film of a planned trilogy on SciFi Channel ...more

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Giovanni Ribisi, Lance Henriksen, Natasha Gregson Wagner Mind Ripper, also known as The Hills Have Eyes III, The Hills Still Have Eyes, or The Outpost, is a horror film released on HBO in 1995. It stars Lance Henriksen and Giovanni Ribisi. Although it ...more

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Jackie Chan, Bill Tung, Annie Wu Police Story 4: First Strike is a 1996 Hong Kong action film written and directed by Stanley Tong, starring Jackie Chan, Jackson Lou, Wu Chen-chun and Bill Tung. The film was released in Hong ...more

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Emily Rios, Alicia Sixtos, Jesse Garcia Quinceañera is a 2006 American independent drama film written and directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland. Set in Echo Park, Los Angeles, the film follows the lives of two young ...more

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Mitch Pileggi, James Karen, Allan Trautman Return of the Living Dead Part II is an American zombie horror comedy film that was released in 1988. It was written and directed by Ken Wiederhorn. The film was released by Lorimar Motion ...more

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Nicolas Cage, January Jones, Guy Pearce Seeking Justice is a 2011 action drama thriller film written by Robert Tannen and directed by Roger Donaldson.

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Albert Reed, Alicia Sixtos, Katie Walder Shelter is a 2007 American film directed and written by Jonah Markowitz. It stars Trevor Wright, Brad Rowe, and Tina Holmes. It was the winner of "Outstanding Film – Limited Release" ...more

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Mick Jagger, Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows The Bank Job is a 2008 British crime film written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, directed by Roger Donaldson, and starring Jason Statham, based on the 1971 Baker Street robbery in central ...more

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Seth Green, Ben Stein, Brigid Brannagh The Day My Parents Ran Away is a 1993 comedy film written by Handel Glassberg and directed by Martin Nicholson.

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Stephen Dorff, Kelly Rowan, Ingrid Veninger The Gate is a 1987 American-Canadian horror movie starring Stephen Dorff and directed by Tibor Takács. It was followed by a sequel in 1990 titled The Gate II: Trespassers.

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The Kiss Meredith Salenger, Joanna Pacuła, Celine Lomez The Kiss is a 1988 horror film directed by Pen Densham.

The Linda McCartney Story is listed (or ranked) 22 on the list List of Films Scored By J. Peter Robinson
The Linda McCartney Story Elizabeth Mitchell, David Lewis, Nicole Oliver The Linda McCartney Story is a 2000 American drama television film directed by Armand Mastroianni, starring Elizabeth Mitchell and Gary Bakewell. Based on the book Linda McCartney: The ...more

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Tobey Maguire, Christian Slater, Fred Savage The Wizard is a 1989 adventure comedy-drama film starring Fred Savage, Christian Slater, Jenny Lewis and Luke Edwards. It was also Tobey Maguire's film debut. The film follows three children as ...more

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Anthony Hopkins, Walton Goggins, Diane Ladd The World's Fastest Indian is a 2005 Japanese-American-Swiss-New Zealand biographical sports drama film based on the Invercargill, New Zealand speed bike racer Burt Munro and his highly modified ...more

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Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett, Joanna Cassidy Vampire in Brooklyn is a 1995 American horror comedy film directed by Wes Craven, and starring Eddie Murphy and Angela Bassett. Allen Payne, Kadeem Hardison, John Witherspoon, Zakes Mokae, and ...more

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Alice Cooper, Mike Myers, Rob Lowe Wayne's World is a 1992 American comedy film directed by Penelope Spheeris and starring Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell and Dana Carvey as Garth Algar, hosts of the Aurora, Illinois-based ...more

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Wes Craven, Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp Wes Craven's New Nightmare is a 1994 American slasher metafilm written and directed by original Nightmare on Elm Street creator Wes Craven. Although it is the seventh film in the franchise, it ...more