There's A Theory That Jack And Rose From 'Titanic' Sank The Ship, And It Makes Boatloads Of Sense

Since Titanic's release in 1997, several fan theories have circulated the internet. However, it's editor Ari Schulman's latest theory that is making quite the splash among fans of Titanic

This fan theory specifically blames Jack and Rose, the heroes of this story, for unintentionally sinking the ship. Bold statement? Absolutely. Convincing theory? You be the judge. 

  • There Are Plenty Of Hints Throughout The Film That Jack And Rose Are To Blame

  • Let's Start With Looking At Why Bruce Ismay Was So Obsessed With Increasing The Titanic's Speed

  • Coincidentally (Or Not), It's Actually Rose Who Plants The Idea That Makes Bruce Ismay Overambitous

  • The Next Hint Takes Place When Captain Smith Is First Warned About The Icy Conditions Ahead

  • But With Rose And Her Mother There, The Warning Is Pretty Much Ignored

  • The Third Hint Is All About Proving One Character Wrong (Which Can Only Be Done By Sinking The Ship)