Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Jack Black Movies

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Jack Black is a gifted comic superstar with the ability to carry a tune and totally rock out. These behind-the-scenes stories of Jack Black will make him even more lovable than he already is.

Which of his film characters does Black say he most resembles? Why did a pregnant water buffalo throw Black off her back during the filming of Tropic Thunder? Which film did Black enjoy making so much that when it ended, it brought him to shed a “couple of man tears”?

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    Jack Black Improvised Almost The Entire Blockbuster Scene In ‘The Holiday’

    One of the sweetest scenes in Nancy Meyers's 2006 romantic comedy The Holiday takes place in a Blockbuster. In the scene, Iris (Kate Winslet) and her new pal Miles (Jack Black) are looking around the store. 

    Miles is a film composer and starts performing several movie theme songs. From The Graduate to Jaws to Chariots of Fire to Driving Miss Daisy, Miles knows them all. It's his cute, flirty way of making Iris laugh.

    “It was scripted but there is some improv in there,” said Meyers. “When he and I got together and went over the different songs he was supposed to do from the different scores, I didn’t know that instead of humming them, he would be ‘doo, doo, doo, doing.' He also improvised the ‘Are you embarrassed?’ lines over the Gone with the Wind theme."

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    The 'Accidental Boob Graze' In ‘The Holiday’ Was From A Real Incident With Nancy Meyers

    There aren't a ton of romantic comedies in Jack Black's filmography. However, he did co-star in Nancy Meyers's 2006 rom-com The Holiday. One of the big reasons why Black wanted to do the film was because Kate Winslet was in it. “She's just like a pro on another level. I just learned a lot doing scenes with her," said Black. 

    There is a scene in The Holiday where Black's character Miles performs “an accidental boob graze” on Iris (Kate Winslet) while they are out eating sushi. Turns out that the “boob graze” was not in the original script. 

    “The ‘boob graze’ joke,” said Meyers, “which is something that one day on the set, he bumped into me and said, ‘Oh, sorry about the boob graze,’ and I just laughed so hard because men bump into women all the time like that and act like they didn’t do it, but he immediately said 'sorry about the boob graze,' so I wrote it into the next scene he did.”

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    Jack Black Came Up With The Name ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’

    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the direct sequel to 1995's Jumanji. In the 2017 fantasy adventure comedy, the characters go directly into the jungle. That concept struck a chord with Jack Black. 

    “I hate to toot my own horn, but I basically named the movie,” revealed Black. “This movie, we're in the jungle. It should be called Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.”

    Black doesn't say whether or not the title was inspired by the 1987 Guns N' Roses song “Welcome to the Jungle.” However, Black is a Generation X rocker, so it's certainly a likely connection. 

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    Mike White Got The Idea For ‘School of Rock’ Because Jack Black Was His Neighbor

    Most people know Mike White from his award-grabbing universally beloved limited series The White Lotus. However, he has also written several big-screen comedies, including Nacho Libre and School of Rock. He also played Ned (the substitute teacher Jack Black's character pretends to be) in School of Rock

    Black's first major film role came in the 2002 comedy Orange County, which was written by White and produced by Scott Rudin (who would also produce School of Rock).

    White surreptitiously lived next door to Black in Los Angeles. 

    White explains how Black gave him the idea to write School of Rock:

    Jack was my next-door neighbor for a few years. He was starting to get a lot of heat as an actor and he would occasionally give me scripts that had been submitted to him to star in. They were invariably these flat comedies or he was like the John Belushi guy who gets drunk and falls through a sliding glass door or something.

    I'm reading these scripts and I was like, “I could do better than this.” Obviously, music is a big passion of his; he has his band Tenacious D. I had the idea of him leading a band of little kids - somehow it just seemed like a funny visual. Then I got the idea that it would be fun to have him be more of a W.C. Fields a little bit, like a guy who isn't really somebody you'd want around kids, but that's part of the fun of it.

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    Jack Black Pooped Himself In A Field With A Crew Full Of People Watching During ‘Nacho Libre’

    Jack Black's 2006 comedy Nacho Libre was filmed in Mexico. Unfortunately, the actor suffered from a bout of the dreaded Montezuma's Revenge. Making matters even worse was that Black got hit while he was in the middle of filming a scene, and there wasn't a restroom in sight. 

    “I had a little attack in the middle of a scene,” confessed Black in a 2017 interview. “I said, 'Where's the nearest restroom?'”

    “They said, 'Okay. If you just jump in a van, we'll take you back to set, and that's where the honey wagons are with the restrooms.' I just ran because I knew I wasn't getting into a van," said Black. "I just ran into a field nearby. But everyone from the crew could see me. There was no hiding. So, basically, I had to relieve myself in front of a crew of 72 people, with my trusty assistant handing my paper.”

    “It was very horrifying,” added Black. 

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    Jack Black Said Fighting Off The Bugs In ‘King Kong’ Was Quite The Workout

    Following the massive success of School of Rock, director Peter Jackson wanted Jack Black to play duplicitous film director Carl Denham for his 2005 big-budget remake King Kong. It was a serendipitous situation for Black who wanted to work with Jackson after seeing Lord of the Rings.

    There is a scene in the movie where Carl has to fight off grotesque, massive flesh-eating bugs. Jackson wanted the actors to get physical for the scene. 

    Black described the direction that Jackson gave for the scene. “Just pretend like that's literally thousands of man-eating bugs coming at you from every direction, and just go off, just be swatting around for your life. And we'll just add all the special effects later."

    Black loved the freedom of doing the scene that way. “I could just let my imagination run wild," added Black. “It was incredibly fun to shoot and incredible cardio. I'm gonna start a new exercise class called, 'Killing Man-Eating Bugs.'"

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