Jack O'Shea Ranks His Top Five Hard Seltzer Flavors

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Vote up the hard seltzers that most satisfy your craving for something a little sweet, a little fizzy, and a little boozy.

With hard seltzers, a day spent inside on the couch in the dead of winter can feel like a summer barbecue where everybody socializes just enough, eats just enough, and gets just buzzed enough to have the best possible time. Seemingly everybody loves a hard seltzer these days, and why not? As Jack O'Shea points out, "They're like La Croix, but with a little fun in them." A drink of hard seltzer combines carboated water, sugar, and alcohol for a beverage sensation that's basically liquid candy for grown-ups.

The dizzying array of brands and flavors available in any grocery store's booze section can leave even the saltiest dog paralyzed by overwhelming choices, though. Even White Claw flavors are so abundant, how can a hard seltzer novice choose the right drink? With experts, obviously. Ranker fixture Jack, known popularly on Twitter as @JackThePoolBoy, is here to break down his top five favorite hard seltzer flavors across all brands. The man knows what he's talking about, folks. Since taste is subjective, however, you can vote up your own preferences against Jack's.


  • Truly Pineapple
    9 votes

    Truly Pineapple

    "There is such a thing as too much pineapple, but, man, the first one you have of this... It's the best"

  • White Claw Blackberry
    9 votes

    White Claw Blackberry

    "I realized with this just how much I love the blackberry flavor."

  • Truly Wild Berry
    1 votes

    Truly Wild Berry

    "There's a little kick to it, and I enjoy that. I support it."

  • White Claw Strawberry
    1 votes

    White Claw Strawberry

    "This is as sweet as you can go without hurting your tummy."

  • High Noon Vodka & Soda Black Cherry 
    1 votes

    High Noon Vodka & Soda Black Cherry 

    "High Noons are great. If I could have one seltzer for the rest of my life: Noons."