All Of Jack Lemmon's Movies, Ranked By Fans

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More than 900 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best Jack Lemmon movies. From his comedic turns in Some Like It Hot and The Odd Couple to his dramatic performances in Missing and Glengarry Glen Ross, Jack Lemmon was always a delight to watch. He had a knack for bringing out both the humor and humanity in any role he played.

His performances were often so convincing that you felt like either you or someone you knew could be just as easily inserted into the story if need be. His emotional range allowed him to play characters from all walks of life with equal amounts of wit and empathy. This is why viewers continue to return time after time to enjoy these classic films, each one providing something new upon repeated viewings.

If you're looking for an introduction into Jack Lemmon's impressive filmography then this list should serve as your guide. Our rankings are determined by votes from movie fans who know what they like when it comes to great cinema - so check it out today and vote up your favorites.

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