READ TMI Facts About Jack Nicholson's Sex Life  

Jacob Shelton
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Jack Nicholson has been a permanent fixture on the silver screen since the late '60s. And as one of the most famous people alive, he's made good use of his star power... especially when it comes to sex. Let's be clear: Nicholson has had lots of sex. Some tallies even put his number at 2,000 women! In fact, some Jack Nicholson sex life stories sound more like the plot of a Russ Meyers film than actual truth. But since most of the tales come from the mouth of the man himself, it’s hard to discount them as fantasy. Despite his escapades, Jack Nicholson married only once, and you'll find out why on this list of his sexual exploits. These TMI facts about Jack Nicholson’s sex life will make you look at the man in a whole new light.

Fair warning: There are a lot of Jack Nicholson NSFW stories on this list. It seems that any down time that the actor had in between films was spent taking drugs and having sex. And after he admitted to being a serial philanderer, it’s hard to imagine Jack Nicholson dating. But as you’ll see, time and time again he’s been attached to some of the most desirable women in Hollywood. To be a Jack Nicholson girlfriend must mean a lot of late nights spent waiting by the phone, hoping to hear his gravely voice.

Nicholson has certainly led an interesting life, and these stories about his crazy sex life are definitely worth checking out, but you’re probably going to need a shower after you finish with these tales of Hollywood debauchery.

He's Slept with Around 2,000 Women

According to almost everyone who interviews Nicholson, the actor has slept with somewhere around 2,000 women. But when asked about this figure, Jack demurred and gave quite possibly the coolest answer ever. "Hell, I don’t count."

He Once Spent Three Months Completely Naked

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nicholson spilled the beans about that time he spent three months in the buff. According to the second best Joker, his LSD intake and his desire to be more
comfortable with his body led to the unpopular decision. "I felt it was totally necessary," he said. "I'm self-conscious about body image. I don't have a great body shot. And it was an era of 'Let's get free.' I know it drove my oldest daughter insane. I just wanted to be more relaxed within my skin."

His Ex Called Him a Sex Machine

One of Nicholson's ex-partners, Playboy model Karen Mayo-Chandler, told Rolling Stone that Jack was into anything but the normal stuff. She said, "he's a nonstop sex machine. He's into fun and games ... like spanking, handcuffs, whips and Polaroid pictures." Then she added that he eats peanut butter in bed "to keep his strength up," which sounds like the most old man thing anyone can do in bed. At least it wasn't a multi-vitamin.

He's Never Bought a Condom

In what might be the strangest quote ever given to a Rolling Stone interviewer (and that's saying something), Nicholson said that he has never physically purchased a condom, and that if he "needed a porn picture or something like that, my staff normally does that kind of shopping for me." Could someone please show this guy how to use the Internet?