The Best Jack Palance Movies 

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List of the best Jack Palance movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Jack Palance's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. The order of these top Jack Palance movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated Jack Palance movies will be at the top of the list. Jack Palance has been in a lot of films, so people often debate each other over what the greatest Jack Palance movie of all time is. If you and a friend are arguing about this then use this list of the most entertaining Jack Palance films to end the squabble once and for all.

If you think the best Jack Palance role isn't at the top, then upvote it so it has the chance to become number one. The greatest Jack Palance performances didn't necessarily come from the best movies, but in most cases they go hand in hand.

The list you're viewing has a variety of films in it, like The Godchild and Ebenezer.

"This list answers the questions, "What are the best Jack Palance movies?" and "What are the greatest Jack Palance roles of all time?"

Notable directors that worked with Jack Palance include names like Tim Burton, Simon Wincer and Alf Kjellin. If Jack Palance movies are your thing, then check out the greatest movies by Ernest Borgnine and James Coburn too.

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Jack Palance, Jean Arthur, Alan Ladd

Released: 1953

Directed by: George Stevens

Shane is a 1953 American Technicolor Western film from Paramount. It was produced and directed by George Stevens from a screenplay by A. B. Guthrie, Jr., based on the 1949 novel of the same name ...more

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Jake Gyllenhaal, Billy Crystal, Danielle Harris

Released: 1991

Directed by: Ron Underwood

City Slickers is a 1991 American western comedy film directed by Ron Underwood and starring Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, Bruno Kirby and Jack Palance, with supporting roles by Patricia Wettig, ...more

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Lee Marvin, Jack Palance, Eddie Albert

Released: 1956

Directed by: Robert Aldrich

Attack, also known as Attack!, is a 1956 American war film. It was directed by Robert Aldrich and starred Jack Palance, Eddie Albert, Lee Marvin, William Smithers, Robert Strauss, Richard ...more

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Jack Palance, Richard Widmark, Barbara Bel Geddes

Released: 1950

Directed by: Elia Kazan

Panic in the Streets is a 1950 film noir directed by Elia Kazan. It was shot exclusively on location in New Orleans, Louisiana and features numerous New Orleans citizens in speaking and ...more

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Lee Marvin, Jack Palance, Jeanne Moreau

Released: 1970

Directed by: William A. Fraker

Monte Walsh is taken from the title of a 1963 western novel by Jack Schaefer. The movie has little to do with the plot of Schaefer's book. It was directed in 1970 by cinematographer William A. ...more
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Claudia Cardinale, Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin

Released: 1966

Directed by: Richard Brooks

The Professionals is a 1966 American western starring Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Claudia Cardinale, Robert Ryan, and Woody Strode. The supporting cast includes Jack Palance and Ralph Bellamy ...more

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Batman is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The Best Jack Palance Movies
Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger, Michael Keaton

Released: 1989

Directed by: Tim Burton

Batman is a 1989 American superhero film directed by Tim Burton, based on the DC Comics character. The Dark Knight of Gotham City (Michael Keaton) begins his war on crime with his first major ...more

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Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Emilio Estevez

Released: 1988

Directed by: Christopher Cain

Young Guns is a 1988 Western action film directed by Christopher Cain and written by John Fusco. The film was the first to be produced by Morgan Creek Productions. The film stars Emilio Estevez, ...more

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Sharon Tate, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Palance

Released: 1961

Directed by: Richard Fleischer

Barabbas is a 1961 religious epic film expanding on the career of Barabbas, from the Christian Passion narrative in the Gospel of Mark and other gospels. The film stars Anthony Quinn as ...more

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John Cleese, Jack Palance, Frank Welker

Released: 1994

Directed by: Richard Rich

The Swan Princess is a 1994 American animated musical fantasy film based on the ballet "Swan Lake". Starring the voice talents of Jack Palance, John Cleese, Steven Wright, and Sandy ...more

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Billy Crystal, Jon Lovitz, Jack Palance

Released: 1994

Directed by: Paul Weiland

City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold is a 1994 comedy film directed by Paul Weiland. It is the sequel to City Slickers and stars Billy Crystal, Jack Palance, Jon Lovitz and Daniel Stern. ...more

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Joan Crawford, Jack Palance, Mike Connors

Released: 1952

Directed by: David Miller

Sudden Fear is a 1952 American thriller film noir directed by David Miller, and starring Joan Crawford and Jack Palance in a tale about a successful woman who marries a murderous man. The ...more

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Jack Palance, Pamela Brown, Nigel Davenport

Released: 1973

Directed by: Dan Curtis

Dracula is a 1973 television adaptation of Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula written by Richard Matheson and directed by Dark Shadows creator Dan Curtis, with Jack Palance in the title role. It ...more

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Sylvester Stallone, Teri Hatcher, Kurt Russell

Released: 1989

Directed by: Andrei Konchalovsky, Albert Magnoli

Tango & Cash is a 1989 American buddy cop action comedy film directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, although Albert Magnoli took over in the later stages of filming, and starring Sylvester ...more

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Jack Palance, Franco Nero, Tony Musante

Released: 1968

Directed by: Sergio Corbucci

The Mercenary, also known as A Professional Gun, is a 1968 spaghetti western film directed by Sergio Corbucci. The film stars Franco Nero, Jack Palance, Tony Musante and Giovanna Ralli, and ...more
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Jack Palance, C. C. H. Pounder, Christine Kaufmann

Released: 1987

Directed by: Percy Adlon

Bagdad Café is a 1987 German film directed by Percy Adlon. It is a comedy set in a remote truck-stop café and motel in the Mojave Desert in the US state of California. It centers ...more
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Charles Bronson, Jack Palance, James Whitmore

Released: 1972

Directed by: Michael Winner

Chato's Land is a 1972 western Technicolor film directed by Michael Winner, starring Charles Bronson and Jack Palance. It falls more closely into the revisionist Western genre, which was at its ...more
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Jack Palance, Shelley Winters, Rod Steiger

Released: 1955

Directed by: Robert Aldrich

The Big Knife is a 1955 film directed and produced by Robert Aldrich from a screenplay by James Poe based on the 1949 play by Clifford Odets. The film stars Jack Palance, Ida Lupino, Wendell ...more
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Jack Palance, Franco Nero, Fernando Rey

Released: 1970

Directed by: Sergio Corbucci

Compañeros is a Zapata Western directed by Sergio Corbucci in 1970. The film, an Italian-Spanish co-production, stars Franco Nero, Tomas Milian, Jack Palance and Fernando Rey. The ...more
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Chevy Chase, Jack Palance, Dianne Wiest

Released: 1994

Directed by: Michael Ritchie

Cops & Robbersons is a 1994 American comedy film directed by Michael Ritchie, and starring Chevy Chase, Jack Palance, Dianne Wiest, and Robert Davi.
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Robert Mitchum, Jack Palance, Linda Darnell

Released: 1953

Directed by: Rudolph Maté

Second Chance is a 1953 American color thriller, directed by Rudolph Maté. The picture, shot on location in Mexico in 3-Dimension, features Robert Mitchum, Linda Darnell, and Jack ...more
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Jack Palance, Frances Bavier, Isabel Jewell

Released: 1953

Directed by: Hugo Fregonese

Man in the Attic is a 1953 mystery film directed by Hugo Fregonese. It was released in the United States on December 23 by Twentieth Century Fox. The movie, based on the 1913 novel The Lodger by ...more
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Jack Palance, Jeff Chandler, Martine Carol

Released: 1959

Directed by: Robert Aldrich

Ten Seconds To Hell is a 1959 British and West German film directed by Robert Aldrich and based upon Lawrence P. Bachmann's novel, The Phoenix. The Hammer Films/UFA joint production stars Jack ...more
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Jack Palance, Shelley Winters

Released: 1955

Directed by: Stuart Heisler

I Died a Thousand Times is a 1955 color film noir directed by Stuart Heisler. The drama features Jack Palance as paroled bank robber Roy Earle, with Shelley Winters, Lee Marvin, Pedro Gonzalez ...more
Sign of the Pagan is listed (or ranked) 25 on the list The Best Jack Palance Movies
Jack Palance, Allison Hayes, Jeff Chandler

Released: 1954

Directed by: Douglas Sirk

Sign of the Pagan is a 1954 film starring Jeff Chandler about Attila the Hun and his invasion of Rome.