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"Jack Reacher" movie quotes bring Lee Child's 2005 novel "One Shot" to life in an action film starring Tom Cruise. The action crime movie follows the title character, part military police man, part utter badass, as he steps in to investigate one very tricky case. Christopher McQuarrie directs the film which premiered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where it was filmed, on December 15, 2012, one week before it's wide release.

In "Jack Reacher," Jack Reacher is somewhat of a phantom. He's known for being an accomplished investigator and military veteran but two years ago, Reacher went completely off the grid. But then a fellow former Army sniper, James Barr, is arrested for a mass murder, one eerily similar to another the same type of crime Barr was previously accused of, Reacher shows up to take a look at the case.

Initially, Jack Reacher thought Barr was guilty but as he digs deeper and deeper into the case, his feelings change. His poking around however does not come without risk as a corrupt and violent enemy pulls out all the stops to keep Jack Reacher from the truth. Rosemund Pike, Robert Duvall, Werner Herzog, Richard Jenkins and David Oyelowo co-star in the mystery film.

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Died of Shame

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Jack Reacher: "Somebody dead?"
Emerson: "And if someone is?"
Jack Reacher: "Then they died of shame cause I was being gentle. Am I free to go?"

After putting a smack down on, Jack Reacher finds himself in an interrogation room at the police station. Of course he brought his snark and ego along with him.
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Go Get Sandy

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Jack Reacher: "Does Sandy work here?"
Store Clerk: "What are you, a cop? I'm going to need to see some ID."
Jack Reacher: "Go get Sandy."
Store Clerk: "Well I need to see something."
Jack Reacher: "How about the inside of an ambulance?"

Jack Reacher isn't someone who generally has to answer to too many people in life which is why when one auto parts store clerk gets in his way he does not hesitate to put the kid in his place.
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He Was Framed

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Alex Rodin: "Can I help you?"
Jack Reacher: "James Barr, you said he shot five people. I don't believe he did."
Heather Rodin: "What exactly are you saying?"
Jack Reacher: "He was framed… Any chance I could look at the evidence?"
Heather Rodin: "This is classified information."

When Jack Reacher arrives at the law office to discuss the James Barr case, he already thinks he knows what actually happens. The next step is proving his theories.
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You Don't Find This Guy

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Emerson: "Jack Reacher is a ghost, ex-military, Iraq, Afghanistan, you name it, silver star and a purple heart, served in the military police, a by all accounts brilliant investigator, troublemaker too. Then two years ago he disappears. You don't find this guy unless he wants to be found."

As Emerson explains, while Jack Reacher is very good at what he does, investigating crime, that he also has a dark side. Above all, Jack Reacher is not someone who you can call on or even locate, he just shows up.