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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back movie quotes bring the thrills to the action sequel about the title character, former military police officer. Edward Zwick directed the film using a screenplay he, Richard Wenk and Marshall Herskovitz adapted from the book Never Go Back by Lee Child. Showing in IMAX and traditional formats, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back opened in theaters on October 21, 2016.

In Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, it's been four years since the events of the first Jack Reacher film and Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise), after some time away, returns to Washington, DC. He returns to meet up with Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders), who has asked for his help in stopping a plot to kill soldiers, including those in Reacher's former crew.

But when Reacher arrives in DC, he soon learns that Turner has been arrested for espionage, a charge he knows is bogus. But there's more bad news. Reacher is actively being sought, by the hunter (Patrick Heusinger), and accused of a 16-year-old murder. So not only must Reacher work to save the soldiers and Turner, but also protect himself from the hunter and the law.

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Maybe I Rip Your Arm Off
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DOD Official: You think you're invulnerable.
Jack Reacher: That's right. Maybe I rip your arm off, beat you to death with it.

Jack Reacher and the DOD official trade some fighting words in these Jack Reacher: Never Go Back movie quotes. Reacher's words are a tad more violent though.

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One Magnificent Prophecy
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Police Officer: What the hell happened here?
Witness: A fight, one guy took them all down with his bare hands. He's still in there.
Police Officer: Turn around, mister. Let me see your hands, slowly.
Sheriff: Aggravated assault is a felony in this state, Mr. Reacher. Process him and get him to county. 
Jack Reacher: Two things are going to happen in the next 90 seconds. 
Sheriff: Excuse me?
Jack Reacher: First, that phone over there is going to ring. Second, you're going to be wearing these cuffs on your way to prison.
Sheriff: Well that is one magnificent prophecy, Mr. Reacher. 
Jack Reacher: It's just going to keep ringing. 

When sheriffs arrive on the scene of a fist fight, they are surprised to learn a single suspect took down multiple others all alone. The sheriff is even more surprised later in these Jack Reacher: Never Go Back movie quotes when the sheriff himself ends up in handcuffs.

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I'm Going to Kill You All
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The Hunter: You're a dead man.
Jack Reacher: You think you're above the law but I'm not the law so you should start running because I'm going to start hunting and when I find you, I'm going to kill you all.

The hunter and Jack Reacher have a lovely phone call in these Jack Reacher: Never Go Back movie quotes. Reacher is guilty of speaking an egregiously long run-on sentence, but he gets the message through either way.

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You're a Legend
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Susan Turner: Thanks for tipping us off to that sheriff. When are you coming to DC?
Jack Reacher: I move around a lot.
Susan Turner: You're a legend. Folks wonder why you left. Purple Heart, Silver Star, there's this big dent in the desk. People say you made it with someone's head.

In a phone call with Major Susan Turner, Jack Reacher's military reputation is highlighted. Susan wonders when he'll be back in Washington, DC, and if all the stories about him are true.

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