Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius Of 'Jackass' Answered Fan Questions And Made Some Neat Reveals

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Was anything as much of a 2000s pop culture staple as Jackass? Since it's inception, the media franchise has spawned numerous shows, movies, and spinoffs. Jackass Forever, the fourth main film, premiered on February 4, 2022, and in honor of the occasion, legendary cast members Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius took to Reddit to host an AMA ("ask me anything") session for their fans.

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    On Regrets And Favorites

    u/Loovian asked: What stunt do you regret doing most? What stunt is your favorite?

    Pontius: The stunt I regret doing the most is the glove of bullet ants. That was the most dreadful thing I've done... it made me become a man. 

    Knoxville: I have no regrets! My favorite stunt is when Ryan Dunn put the toy car up his butt in Jackass 1.

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    On Backing Out Of Stunts

    u/Shelby71 asked: Is there a stunt you backed out of at the last minute, and if so, what was it and why?

    Knoxville and Pontius: One day we both collectively decided not to do a stunt when we were going to go down a ski slope in Donner's Pass. There was a negative feeling on set since someone had died on the slope that day. When there is a feeling of negativity associated with a stunt, we decide to not continue with it.

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    On Pain

    u/Trumbulhockeyguy asked: To both of you. How much more do you hurt now that you're older compared to doing these same stunts in your 20s/30s?

    Pontius: I think it always hurts the same. I think it's important to pick and choose when you get hurt, and not too much at once. 

    Knoxville: I agree. It doesn't hurt [any more] now than it did then. Especially because I'm not very in touch with my body.

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    On Party Boy's Origins

    u/TonyVenture asked: Pontius, how did Party Boy come about? Do you still have the thong?

    Pontius: [The] Party Boy idea just kind of fell from the sky. I had a thong, bow tie, and cuff links, and it just fell from the sky into my head. If anyone wrote it, I would say it was God... Yes, I still have my bag of thongs that have never been far from my side because you'll never [know] when I might need one. Many different styles for any situation.

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    On The Dangers Of Even The Smallest Stunts

    u/ToasterDispenser asked: What's a stunt that seems unassuming but caused the most problems/injuries?

    Knoxville: I had to go to the hospital once when me and another cast member ran at a tree with the pole from the pole vault. I was on one end, the cast member was on the other and we wanted to see what would happen running into the tree full speed. Well... I ripped the webbing of my hand and had to get 20 stitches. Sometimes you get hurt on the small stunts.

    Pontius: On Wildboyz, this gaucho pulled me from the horse and my ankle was stuck in the stirrup. Gave me a small fracture, all because this little man was jealous of my relationship with the steed!

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    On Wildboyz

    u/FoxMcLOUD420 asked: Pontius, what are the chances of a Wildboyz reboot? Loved the series growing up as a kid...

    Pontius: I would love to do a Wildboyz reboot. I don't think it will be called Wildboyz, but I would love to do another nature/adventure show, and I want Knoxville to be on it with me.

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