All The Members Of Jackass: Where Are They Now?

Any person pushing the outer edges of being a millennial remembers growing up with MTV's Jackass. The highly entertaining reality television show featured a group of guys in their twenties who represented a mesh of grunge, skater, hipster, and punk. The cast filmed themselves performing a variety of different pranks and dares that would make any ordinary person look like, well, a jackass. In one segment, they'd subject themselves to brainless but hilarious stunts; in the next, they'd be dressed up in costumes and positioned in various communities to confuse any bystander who happened to cross them. For more of this kind of hidden camera hilarity, make sure to also check out our list of shows like Jackass.

For better or for worse, Jackass encouraged innumerable bored teens growing up in the suburbs of the United States to take control of their boredom and speed down a bike trail in a shopping cart. It became a hit show for MTV, and made household names of a few guys, whom everyone suddenly wanted to hang out with. But where is the cast of Jackass now? Though some of the more famous members like Johnny Knoxville still remain in the public eye, many also decided to grow out of their stuntman days to settle down as family men, start restaurants, or even stage protests against Seaworld.