There's Compelling Evidence This California Woman Was Actually Terrorized By Two Violent Ghosts

One of the most terrifying and rarely told real-life ghost stories took place over the course of three years, and spanned multiple homes that were hundred of miles apart from one another. Jackie Hernandez was a woman haunted by two violent ghosts, each with its own reason for wreaking havoc on her life.

People haunted by ghosts can be total magnets for the paranormal. Some of them are just living in incredibly haunted areas, while others put out a specific kind of energy that paranormal entities thirst after. The haunting of Jackie Hernandez proves that a person can be haunted, and that if a ghost wants to feed off your energy, it will leave the house it’s haunting to follow you around the world. 

In 1998, Jackie Hernandez was going through a messy divorce. It was around then that she moved into her first haunted house, creating your typical "wrong place, wrong time" scenario. The haunting of Jackie Hernandez is more terrifying than any of the made-up ghost stories you hear around the campfire, so get ready to sleep with the lights on tonight.

  • Jackie Hernandez's Life As A Single Mother Was Disrupted By Paranormal Activity

    Jackie Hernandez's Life As A Single Mother Was Disrupted By Paranormal Activity
    Photo: YouTube

    At the age of 23, Jackie Hernandez left her husband and moved from LA to San Pedro, California, to start a new life with her two-year-old son. As a young, single mother, Hernandez was subjected to a number of stressful realities. Even without the shift in locations, she was working multiple jobs, all while pregnant with her second child.

    Combine these factors, and you've got yourself a picturesque magnet for paranormal activity. The spooky happenings Hernandez experienced were small at first. She heard unexplainable sounds, such as a high pitched screeching coming from inside her walls, or the shuffling of something moving around in the attic.

    One night, while Hernandez and a friend were cooking, they saw several orbs of light float through the room. When Hernandez tried to take a picture, she saw the face of an emaciated old man staring at her through the window. She looked outside, and there was nobody there. 

  • Hernandez Called Out The Ghosts In An Attempt To Banish Them

    Hernandez Called Out The Ghosts In An Attempt To Banish Them
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    In many cases of paranormal harassment, people will abide with evil spirits for a long time, afraid of what will happen if they try to banish them. Jackie is not one of those people. When she told her ex-husband Al about the oddities, he suggested that she should call the spirits out.

    But what is the best way to call out a ghost? Jackie's friend Susan told Jackie's landlord what was going on, and his idea was to bring in some priests to exorcise the spirits. When Jackie followed her landlord's advice, the priests were less than helpful. They checked out her apartment and declared that rather than being haunted, she was possessed by the Devil.

    The day after the priests left, Child Protective Services showed up to see if Hernandez was using drugs. Apparently the priests had called the government agency because they believed she was using hallucinogens while pregnant. Even this early in the haunting, Hernandez must have felt trapped. 

  • A Second Spirit Appeared In Hernandez's Life

    A Second Spirit Appeared In Hernandez's Life
    Photo: YouTube

    After giving birth to her daughter, Samantha, the hauntings didn't slow down. In fact, the weird occurrences grew exponentially more frightening. Once, while Hernandez was bringing in groceries, she noticed that her magnetic refrigerator letters spelled "Get the hell out."

    There were no signs of a break-in and nothing in her home had been moved, so it must have been an otherworldly entity. Later that evening, after her kids had gone to bed, Hernandez began to hear raspy breathing. She followed the sound to her son's bedroom where she discovered what looked like a wretched old man sitting next to her son, staring her down emotionlessly with burning red eyes. 

  • A Bloody Substance Started Oozing From The Walls

    A Bloody Substance Started Oozing From The Walls
    Photo: YouTube

    After seeing a ghostly old man sitting next to her sleeping son, the haunting ratcheted up to extreme levels of terror. Hernandez claims that a blood-like substance began oozing from the walls while she was doing chores one night.

    From that day on, she would routinely find herself surrounded by puddles of blood when she was in the kitchen. Hernandez also claims that around this time, she began to see objects flying across the room, and admits that she thought she was losing her mind. 



  • Barry Taff, Professional Paranormal Investigator, Entered The Picture

    Barry Taff, Professional Paranormal Investigator, Entered The Picture
    Photo: YouTube

    The onslaught of occult activity began to take a toll on Hernandez. She felt like she and her family were being targeted by an invisible force, and she didn't know who to turn to. Looking to placate Hernandez, her friend Susan suggested that she get in touch with a paranormal investigator named Barry Taff.

    When Taff and his team arrived at the house, the paranormal entity immediately started showing off. A foul smell wafted through the rooms, and a series of banging sounds emanated from the attic. Taff later claimed "We kept hearing what sounded like a 200-pound rat running around the attic."

    When Taff's cameramen went to the attic to see if they could locate the source of the sounds, an unseen force allegedly threw down one of the cameras belonging to Jeff Wheatcraft and started choking him.

    After this attack, Taff and his team conducted one more short interview with Hernandez before getting the heck out of the house. 

  • Jackie Decided To Leave The House She Believed Was Haunted

    Jackie Decided To Leave The House She Believed Was Haunted
    Photo: YouTube

    Life in the haunted house reached a breaking point for Jackie the night the ghost began to play with her son's toys in order to get her attention. First, it threw a beach ball into the living room. When she went to retrieve it, she was attacked.

    Hernandez was grabbed by an invisible hand that held her down until she couldn't breathe. When she finally got to her feet, she grabbed a baseball bat and ran to the attic. There, she called out the creature and it allegedly appeared before her

    She immediately called Barry and his crew for help, then grabbed her kids and left the house for the last time.